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일정시작 : Nov 17, 2018 
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Autumn seasonal tour is ‘night view’ tour. 

Daytime view of Seoul is beautiful, but you will see the different and fascinating night view.

First, we will go to Deoksu-gung(palace). 

The view of Deoksu-gung(palace) is breath-taking because delicate light in palace and Deoksu-gung’s own beauty makes unique and gorgeous atmosphere. 

In ‘10th Seoul Lantern Festival’, we will see the various and unique lanterns along with Cheonggye-river. 

These lanterns are not normal lanterns, some of lanterns are shaped as people, character, symbol, even commercial things. 

You also have chance to make your own lantern and you can float the lantern! 

These special experiences in autumn night will make your special memory in Korea.


#Tour course: Deoksu-gung(palace) -> Ghunggye-river

#Meeting spot and time will be informed by confirmation mail

#Duration: around 4~5h

#Fee: 1,000won (Deoksu-palace entrance fee) + 10,000won (dinner or snacks)

#Things to keep in mind - Please wear comfortable shoes!

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