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일정시작 : Oct 06, 2018 
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Are you interested in Hangeul? Are you interested in Korean history?

Have you ever heard about Korea’s central park, Han River?

Do you want to experience real Korean university students’ culture?

Then we will invite you to Ichon Tour: National Hangeul Museum & Han River picnic.

Do you know how many languages exist in the world? There are about 7000 languages in the world.

However, the countries who have their own Language Museum are only two, and one is here, Korea’s National Hangeul Museum!

There we will learn how beautiful Hangeul is and how scientific language it is!

Moreover we will go to Banpo Hangang Park and see the night view of Seoul along with the rainbow fountain and Namsan.

We would like to mention that the rainbow fountain and Namsan night view are the main event there.

The moonlight rainbow fountain is not merely a water spout,

but a program that blends background music and fountain directing in a beautiful and harmonious way.

In the evening, the night view of the Han River is shown using scenic lighting.

We’ll also eat some of the famous Korean late night snack(야식), chicken, beer and various kinds of food in the food truck. 

Through this tour, it will be a great way to understand Hangeul including the story of its invention and history.

You will be able to experience real picnic culture of Korean couples and families!

Also it will be a good chance to see the most beautiful night view while enjoying Korean night market.

# Tour Course : National Hangeul Museum - Banpo Hangang Park - Bamdokkaebi Night Market

# Meeting spot is to be informed by the confirmation mail.

# Meeting Up is to be informed by the confirmation mail.

# Duration: About three hours

# Fee: 10,000won (Meal and Snacks)

# Things to keep in mind

-Please wear shoes that are good for walking.