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english Theoldguy : I don't see anyone one under the age of 30. Is this just for students? [1] 16.05.30
Yes we are all university students. 16.06.20 : G1
english Mariaaa : Hi. I'm Maria. My family (2 seniors, 5 adults, 1 kid) and I (teenage) will be coming to Korea for the first time this June.. i would like to ask if you can tour us in Ihwa Village this June 6 (Monday) at 8am-12nn? Thanks in advance! [1] 16.05.26
please ask us to customized tours( :) 16.06.20 : G1
english SgFamily : Hello SeoulMate! My family n I planned to go to Seoul in Dec for about 7 days. We have 2 adults, 1 senior citizen, 1 teenager n 1 child. Do you have any good recommendation where to go, eat, play n stay? We also looking to do either a day trip or st [1] 16.05.22
Most of tourist stay at Myeondong or Hong-dae. Also, you can refer our tour courses, which is our recommendation where to go! 16.06.20 : G1
english Jelena : Hello! (: My sister and I will be in Seoul (and traveling around) for the next two to three weeks. I was just wondering if there will possibly be another traditional food/alcohol tour added in that time span? We like food. A lot. Hahaha :D Thanks so [1] 16.05.19
We will upload June's schedule on this saturday. Also, we eat dinner together after tour. Thanks :) 16.05.20 : G1
english Vios : Hi, is there a tour for the Back to the Past - Bukchon Hanok Village Tour on 29 May 2016? There are 2 of us who wish to join this tour. Thank you. [1] 16.05.12
Our regular tour is only on saturday. If you want to make a tour on sunday, please ask us to customized tours( :) 16.05.20 : G1
english 로즈 : Hello! I am wondering if you will have a 'let's go on a ma-sil' tour anytime in June? [1] 16.05.01
We will upload June schedule on 18th :) 16.05.08 : G1
english jings : Hello, I'm interested in one of the tours this weekend on the 30th :) However, what would the time of the tours be? I read on the FAQ page that most of them start at 2pm but would it be possible to know the exact timing before reserving? Because I ma [5] 16.04.25
*may have other plans on that day that may clash although I'd really like to go for the tours :( Thank you! 16.04.25 : jings
This week's Prison Tour starts at 1:30 pm, Haneul Park Tour starts at 2:00pm, Namsan Tour starts at 5:00 PM Thanks:) 16.04.25 : G1
When and what are the other tours that you'll conduct? Thanks :) 16.04.26 : jings
Sorry to be asking again, are the seasonal or exclusive tours on now? Or only when they are written on the schedule. And how do we customize tours? Thank you so much! 16.04.26 : jings
you can make a reservation as follow this! THanks:) 16.05.08 : G1
english Eli : Hi I'm Eli, do you have any tours aside from the ones posted in your calendar? My friend and I are going to Seoul this weekend. I hope there is. Thanks! [1] 16.04.19
We have regular tour on saturday. Also, we have customized tours please send a email ( :) 16.04.25 : G1
english DannyOcasio : Hi My name is Daniel and Im traveling to Seoul on May 9th! and will be staying for a little over a week. I was also wondering if I can set up a schedule to visit some iconic areas around Seoul. Thank you :) [2] 16.04.07
We aploaded our May schedule. Also, We have various iconic tour courses. Please check:) Thanks 16.04.12 : G1
Thank you uploading G1, any chance I can meet up with some of the members before May 14th I would like to make Korean friends! 16.04.14 : DannyOcasio
english FungFung : Hi, My name is Julian. My friend and I are travelling to Seoul on May 11 and will be staying for 2 weeks. I am wondering if there a May Schedule, so I can plan our itinerary early. [1] 16.04.05
We aploaded our May schedule. Please check:) Thanks 16.04.12 : G1
english ManiWong : Annyeong, when will the below two tours be started respectively on 3.26? (1) Shining Lights - Namsan Tour (2) Let's Go on a Ma-sil (picnic) with bicycle - Haneul Park Tour [1] 16.03.11
"Shining Lights - Namsan Tour" starts at 4pm and "Let's Go on a Ma-sil (picnic) with bicycle - Haneul Park Tour" starts at 2pm. Thanks :) 16.03.20 : G1
english kungyu : Hi: this KungYu again. I 've got cut off sorry. Anyway, I hope there is something for me in my stay. I put in a request for a customixed tour. How do I know I will receive reponse from seoulmate. Thanks [1] 16.02.25
Thanks for your attention kungyu:) Please contact to this account for making sure your reservation. 16.02.29 : G1
english kungyu : Hi: This is Kungyu. I will be intown from the 29thFeb to the 4th March afternoon. AccordPlease my ing to your regular schedule, I cannot have anything in my trip. 16.02.25
english sabby : Hi I'm Sabrina from Malaysia, I will visit to Korea on 17 March and how can i contact one of your member?^^ [3] 16.02.17
Thanks for your attention Sabina:) I read your writing what you wrote on tour schedule menu. Firstly we can't stroll Ewha University, because that is not our tour course. However, I recommend you to our Shrine tour which is held at Hongdae. We have regular tour on every Saturday also 19th too. Pleas make reservation and join our tour. I hope to meet you:) 16.02.21 : G1
Thank you for reply. Oh Im really sorry how can i make reservation and how long the tour ? :) 16.02.26 : sabby
You can make reservation from website or email( Usually it takes about 2~3 hours :) 16.02.29 : G1
english Ane : Hi I'm Anne, I was wondering if you do customized tours. I'm an undergraduate student in Australia and I'm doing a final prdoject on Korean teas. I have arranged a couple of meetings with tea artisans but I would need a guide to help me with translat [2] 16.02.13
My question was cut. I was going to ask if anyone in your team could help me out with translation. I would compensate transport, food and also allowance for translating. Thank you 16.02.13 : Ane
Ok Anne. First I checked the mail that send to me. I really hope to meet you. If your travel dates comes, contact to SeoulMate again or visit to Websit. Thank you^^ 16.02.15 : aisnd
english KinantiKrameswari : may i know one of your member personal account for ask any direction site, i will visit South Korea on feb26 - mar1 [1] 16.02.05
OK, so you can reserve the customized tour. Because regular tour is on Saturday every week. 16.02.07 : aisnd
english tio : how can i booked a regular tour for 4 people?is it possible to use one account to booked for 4 people?thanks [1] 16.01.28
Please have a reservation for their own account 16.02.02 : aisnd
english Ela : Are your tours available on weekends only? I need someone who can accompany me on my last day in Seoul, January 25th, Monday. Hope you can help me! :( [1] 16.01.18
You can reserve the customized tour at Tour Reservation tab! 16.01.19 : 혜준
english 재영 : Can I avail the free tour for a couple of times? or I'm only allowed to avail the tour one time ? Thanks. [1] 16.01.08
It doesn't matter. You can avail again and again. 16.01.10 : aisnd
english dazzgg : request customize tour, hi I m glynnis, my group consist of 7 persons (2adults + 3 seniors + 1 teenage + 1 kid) in seoul 13-17Mar2016. Can you give me a date for customize tour? we are interested in Palace Tour/Hongdae/Gangnam [1] 16.01.03
Ok. Than please contect me one more time when you come in march 16.01.05 : aisnd