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english Shelby0403 : Hello, what are the age limits for joining this tour? [1] 15.08.20
everyone can enjoy! 15.08.23 : aisnd
english rebekah : Hi, I'm planning to join the Gangnam or Ilhwa Tour on 5th September, can I have a gauge of the time it would start? Thanks! [1] 15.08.16
Usually start at 2:00PM. 15.08.16 : aisnd
english Constans : Will there be a Shining Lights - Namsan Tour in the early weeks of Octoboer? [1] 15.08.10
I'm sorry for the late answer. The October schedule be announcement on 3rd weeks of September. 15.08.16 : aisnd
english Kerry : When do the tours begin and end? I'd LOVE to do one, but my flight is at 6PM, so I should be done with the tour by 3:30. [1] 15.08.02
Tour will start at 4:00pm in summer and it takes 2-3hours. 15.08.03 : aisnd
english HaniLutfi : Hi, I'm a Muslim from Malaysia and I'm planning to visit Seoul in early November. In regards of the dinners throughout the tour, is it possible to observe halal food or food with no pork or alcohol? [1] 15.07.19
Sure, if there is a vegetarian or a Muslim in the tour, we go to the restaurant which has the foods without pork. 15.07.20 : Yong
english Silke : Hi, I am in Seoul for about 4-5 days from Los Angeles and just found out about you. If there is someone who would like to practice their English and meet up with me it would be great! Maybe we can explore a tourist highlight of your choosing and I wi 15.07.17
english Gilo : Hello! I was wondering if a person is allowed to reserve a spot on mutiple tours? Or is it restricted to one type of tour per person total? [3] 15.07.02
You can reserve only one spot in a week, because all tours go on at the same time in every Sat. 15.07.04 : Yong
I will be there for quite some time so technically I could go on a tour every Saturday (selecting just one that day), if I wanted too, correct? 15.07.10 : Gilo
Yes right! 15.07.13 : Yong
english Cons : Are tours already available ? [1] 15.06.25
Sure~ 15.07.04 : Yong
english caro11019 : Hi! are there going to be tours between July 2 to July 4? Thank you. [1] 15.06.16
There will be no tour on that day. SeoulMate team will go workshop in that week. Thanks. 15.06.18 : Yong
english MargarethaLili : i saw you have namsan tour on 27th june,if i'm interested how can i join the tour?and where will we meet each other?thx.. [2] 15.06.12
If you want to join the tour, you should fill out a reservation form. The reservation form is in our website. If you are hard to find where it is, just click this address. 15.06.14 : Yong
We will meet at Chungmuro station around 5pm. We will send you a confirm mail, after you filling out the reservation form. There will be detailed information. 15.06.14 : Yong
english Liu : hey guys! I am a new comer here and interested in ur baseball match tour. However, It seems overdue for application lol... As of now, is there any possibility to join that tour ?? Thx~ [1] 15.05.26
Yes sure, but first please fill out the reservation form in our website. 15.05.27 : Yong
english Raini : Hi everyone-nice to meet you all. Hope you can help me out with a few suggestions on what tours i should reserve for my first upcoming visit to Seoul in September. I already have 2 tours book on Viator but am looking for more options where I can meet [2] 15.05.02
others and make new friends! Can anyone help me out with suggestions? 15.05.02 : Raini
Hi, this is Yong from SeoulMate. I am not sure that you are asking which tours of SeoulMate is recommendable to you. If it is, please check our homepage which includes tour information of all 12 tours. If you have other questions, feel free to ask! 15.05.02 : Yong
english JNinE : Hello! May i know which tour will Ga Hyun be leading on 9th of May? [4] 15.04.27
Ga Hyun will not attend any tour on 9th May. Thanks. 15.04.27 : Yong
She will attend on 2nd Bukchon, 30th Gangnam respectively. 15.04.27 : Yong
oh okay :(( thanks for replying anyway haha! see you guys on the 9th! 15.04.27 : JNinE
You are welcome! See you :) 15.04.29 : Yong
english Tamrin : Can I pay the dinner and other fees by credit card or do I have to bring cash? [2] 15.04.24
It depends on the tour. Which tour are you going to join? :) 15.04.24 : Yong
I am going on the Gyeongbokgung Tour this saturday. 15.04.24 : Tamrin
english jules : I am thinking of going to Ihwa Village next week during the week. Any suggestions in that area? Cafes? Food to try? :) [2] 15.04.18
Sorry for the late response. I hope you have not been Ihwa Vilage yet. Hyehwa station which is near Ihwa village has many restaurants and cafes there :) Thanks. 15.04.23 : Yong
I did find that area of restaurants and cafes. Thank you! 15.04.27 : jules
english jules : What time does the Namsan tour start? I just reserved to be part of the tour. :) [3] 15.04.16
Most of the Namsan tours usually start at about 5p.m, but next week Namsan tour has not been settled yet. A mail will be sent on next Thursday, and you can check it out on the mail we will send. Thanks :) 15.04.16 : Yong
Thank you! ^^ 15.04.17 : jules
Thank you! ^^ 15.04.17 : jules
english pb : is it possible to have a an individual tour. i would like to see old neighborhoods, art by locals, markets. [1] 15.03.27
If you want to have a individual tour, you need to reserve the customized tour in our website or email us. Thanks! 15.03.28 : Yong
english sha : what time the tour start on the april 4? i depart from busan early in the morning, do you think its possible for me to join? thanks [1] 15.03.25
Most of the tour start around 2pm. So I don't think you can join the tour, since you said you would leave Seoul in the morning. I hope we can see after Busan! Thanks! 15.03.28 : Yong
english Trammi : What time is the cherry blossom tour on April 11? I have a flight to catch so would like to know before booking. Thank you! [1] 15.03.23
It will start at 3pm, and the duration will be around 4 hours. I hope we can see in the tour! Thanks. 15.03.28 : Yong
english Kendall : Hi: How far in advance should a tour be scheduled? 4 of us will be there in September 2015. Thanks! [1] 15.03.21
Reservation till every Thursday. so if there is vacancy, you are always welcome to reserve. Plus the tour schedule upload every 3rd week. It means September tour schedule will be upload 3rd week of August. If you need further information, please email us. 15.03.28 : Yong