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english Swar : Greetings from Bahrain!, i will be in Seoul for 5 days, from October 11 till 15 and was wondering if there were any scheduled tours during those dates? I was also was wondering if there is a "pop culture" tour? Thanks! [2] 16.09.13
Regular tours are opened every saterday so may be you could join on october 15. Also Unfortunately there is no pop culture tour ;( 16.09.20 : Mchelle
will keep checking the schedule for the 15th then. thank you for your help Mchelle :) 16.09.21 : Swar
english Justine : I would like to make a reservation for the Traditional experience in Hongdae(Shrine Tour) but I don't find the corresponding "Tour Title" in the reservation form. Which title does it correspond to? [1] 16.09.01
Sorry for the late reply. This is the full name of the title: Traditional experience in Hongdae - Shrine Tour(Gwangheungdang) 16.09.20 : Mchelle
english Nancy : Are tours only available on Saturdays? Also, when will a tour for October 1st be posted? [2] 16.08.30
Customized tours are also available but its availability is determined by internal meetings. In addition, the tour schedule for October will be posted in the last weak of September. 16.08.31 : Mchelle
I will be going for the "Back to the Past - Bukchon Hanok Village Tour"! Hope to meet with you there. :) 16.09.28 : jianliang
english b4sunset : how long [1] 16.08.17
You mean the time required for tour? It's varied in each tour, but usually it takes about 3~4 hour (including dinner) 16.08.22 : Mchelle
english ducii23 : My girlfriend an me are going to stay in Seoul from the 30th August - 12th September. We are looking for korean people to hang around and tours [1] 16.08.13
Yes, of course you can meet korean people to hang around :) 16.08.22 : Mchelle
english stevemigal : We'll be in Seoul from september 3rd to september 6th What about september visit schedule ? [1] 16.08.12
Our September tour schedule is not updated yet. You can check it when September starts, in our homepage or facebook page. If you want to participate September 3rd Saturday's tour, you should reserve the tour in our homepage, until September 1st Thursday :) 16.08.12 : Yunha
english Rejeev : Yesterday I was informed from Korean embassy that I need to submit a formal Invitation letter to get my visa. I request you whether you can give me an invitation and be my guide in my trip? Rejeev Oliyil my skype: rejeevoliyil kakao talk : 33888 gma [1] 16.08.07
Hi Rejeev, I feel sorry to tell you that Seoulmate can't give you any help for things not related to Seoul Tour. Hope you solve your problem and have a nice trip in Korea. 16.08.12 : Yunha
english Rejeev : Hi Juliette, I am Rejeev Oliyil a ceramic industry professional from India. I am planing visit Korea soon for meeting few ceramic manufacturer and traders to find a business opportunity. At present my passport is with Korean embassy in India. Yester 16.08.07
english Rejeev : Tour planing 16.08.07
english marliza : I and my friend will be traveling to Seoul in August (19th Aug until 27 Aug 2016). I was looking at the schedule for August (19th-26th) but only have schedule for 27th August 2016 but on that day we will going back to our country. [3] 16.07.28
Then you can make a reservation for customized tour. Please choose a date and a tour course you want to participate in, then our members will tell you whether it is possible or not. 16.07.29 : 김지연
TQ for reply. I will update to you ASAP by email..TQ. 16.07.29 : marliza
Hai, I already email regarding this request. Pls check email.. 16.08.03 : marliza
english AndrewE : When will the August 2016 schedule be available? Will you have any tours on Saturday 20 August 2016? [1] 16.07.21
The tour schedule for August is updated. Unfortunately, we don't have tours on 20th because we're on a workshop with our members on that day. Thank you for your interest in our group. 16.07.29 : 김지연
english lol182 : hi, i've sent some question to your email address. It's been while, yet i haven't received any reply. thank you [1] 16.07.19
Sorry for late reply. We'll check your mail! 16.07.29 : 김지연
english Timmy92 : I will be travelling to Seoul (first time) in August. I was looking at the schedule for August (11th-20th) but nothing is up yet. Do you have anything planned for next month? [1] 16.07.11
Schedules for August is updated. Please check the schedule. 16.07.29 : 김지연
english Loek : I was wondering when the schedule for july will be up. Thanks in advance [1] 16.06.25
Sorry for late! It's uploaded now. Thanks:) 16.06.27 : G1
english Chew : trip 16.06.23
english Annelies : I will be arriving in Seoul earlier than I can enter the dormitory. Therefore, I need a sleeping place from August 20 till August 25. Is there any possibility you could help me find a cheap sleeping place for those few days? [1] 16.06.21
Sorry. We cannot help you in that part. 16.07.29 : 김지연
english Mika : I'm arriving Seoul on the 2nd week of July. When will the schedule be released for the month of July? Thanks. Cheers, Mika [1] 16.06.18
It will upload at this week. Thanks :) 16.06.20 : G1
english jawie : Hi, we are visiting Korea this year and we are interested to have palace tour and hanbok tour. Our trip is on November 28, 2016. Hoping for your fast response. :) [1] 16.06.15
November is far from now :) We upload our tour schedule the month before. We have regular tour on every Saturday. We hope to meet you :) 16.06.20 : G1
english Vidz : Hi People! I will have my first trip to Korea this October. I will be staying in Seoul for 4 days. I really want to visit all the great sightseeing spots and have a hreat authentic experience there! If you have any suggestions of how to go to all the [1] 16.06.06
Hi Vidz :) Please refer our tour courses. It's on 'Tour information' page. Also you can join our tour which is on every Saturday.:) 16.06.20 : G1
english Theoldguy : I've been to "free" tours in other cities. They always pressure for tip at the end. Do you expect tips? [1] 16.05.30
NOPE. We don't take any tip. We are expect only to make a friend :) 16.06.20 : G1