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english KinantiKrameswari : may i know one of your member personal account for ask any direction site, i will visit South Korea on feb26 - mar1 [1] 16.02.05
OK, so you can reserve the customized tour. Because regular tour is on Saturday every week. 16.02.07 : aisnd
english tio : how can i booked a regular tour for 4 people?is it possible to use one account to booked for 4 people?thanks [1] 16.01.28
Please have a reservation for their own account 16.02.02 : aisnd
english Ela : Are your tours available on weekends only? I need someone who can accompany me on my last day in Seoul, January 25th, Monday. Hope you can help me! :( [1] 16.01.18
You can reserve the customized tour at Tour Reservation tab! 16.01.19 : 혜준
english 재영 : Can I avail the free tour for a couple of times? or I'm only allowed to avail the tour one time ? Thanks. [1] 16.01.08
It doesn't matter. You can avail again and again. 16.01.10 : aisnd
english dazzgg : request customize tour, hi I m glynnis, my group consist of 7 persons (2adults + 3 seniors + 1 teenage + 1 kid) in seoul 13-17Mar2016. Can you give me a date for customize tour? we are interested in Palace Tour/Hongdae/Gangnam [1] 16.01.03
Ok. Than please contect me one more time when you come in march 16.01.05 : aisnd
english cunping : Temple and the city - Gangnam Tour 15.12.21
english scorned : I want to reserve Back to the Past - Bukchon Hanok Village Tour for Saturday 26th December, for 2 people. Please confirm reservation or email me. Thanks Sam. [1] 15.12.21
I've checked but Your reservation is not yet. If you want reservation, click the 'Go To Reserve' 15.12.21 : aisnd
english Jay_LL : I want to reserve for the market tour on the 19th, but process really unclear. form is korean text. Please confirm to [1] 15.12.17
Sorry I'm late. Thank you for coming. When you participate again, you can try English website. Then you can easily make a reservation. 15.12.21 : aisnd
english chano : you guyes have a office or reguqrary meeing off line , otherwise only for online contact.. hope to see you guys face to face this is my contact , if ok , can you answer me by texting to 010 4718 7440 thanks ! [1] 15.10.31
What made you be like this? Please let me know by mail. 15.11.05 : aisnd
english Timothy7 : Hi Seoulmate! Me and 4 other friends are travelling to Korea from 24th to 3rd Dec. Looking for weekday tours when we are in Seoul from 24 to 26 Nov. Is there any available? [1] 15.10.26
Yes, you can. 'Customized tour' is just for you 15.10.28 : aisnd
english Julian_91 : Hi, How long to know reserve confirmation? Thanks. [1] 15.10.20
It takes about two days. 15.10.25 : aisnd
english Krys : Hi All! I am travelling to Korea from 27th Oct to 6th Nov. Any weekday tours available? Would love to meet some new friends! [1] 15.10.13
You can reserve the customized tour! 15.10.17 : 혜준
english len : are there any tours available on weekdays? [1] 15.10.08
We have 'Customized tour' Just for you this tour^^ 15.10.09 : aisnd
english HuongVu2710 : i dont know how to make a reservation. Please help me. Thks in advance ^^ [1] 15.10.05
Please refer to the website 'How TO Reserve' on the right^^ 15.10.09 : aisnd
english helene : I am visiting from 3-8/11. When are you going to post tour schedule for NOvember 2015? Thanks [1] 15.10.05
November schedule will be uploaded at October 3rd week! 15.10.07 : 혜준
english YulianiSutantoLee : Hello.. Im from Indonesia :) I want to seoul plans with 11 my friends. if I could follow the tour for 2 days seoulmate tour event ...??? and if I am allowed to register for 11 my friends ... ?? thank you :) [1] 15.09.22
Sorry for late answering! We have 'Customized tour', so you can reserve it! You can use it on Tour Reservation and check the customized tour. 15.10.13 : 혜준
english mandyttt : Hello! I am a Singaporean going to Seoul on 15th Nov 2015 to 22nd Nov 2015. May i know if there is any tour available during this period? Looking forward~ [1] 15.09.13
November tour schedule can be found in October. 15.09.21 : aisnd
english Kendro : Hi seoulmate team, am malaysian going to seoul when 18-29sep, may i know is there any tour for this period? [2] 15.09.11
Actually i would like to visit muuido island 15.09.11 : Kendro
In the Tour Schedule of website, can be found. 15.09.21 : aisnd
english Shelby0403 : Hello, what are the age limits for joining this tour? [1] 15.08.20
everyone can enjoy! 15.08.23 : aisnd
english rebekah : Hi, I'm planning to join the Gangnam or Ilhwa Tour on 5th September, can I have a gauge of the time it would start? Thanks! [1] 15.08.16
Usually start at 2:00PM. 15.08.16 : aisnd