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english nida : Hi! I would be in Seoul from 18th to 21st Feb 2017..are there any tours scheduled? Can we personally schedule them? Thank you for your help! ^^ [1] 17.01.21
We updated the schedule for Feb 2017. Please check again~! :) 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english Tine : Do you already have a schedule for March 2017? We will be there March 9-16. Thank you! [1] 17.01.19
we will update the schedule right before March. so please check the schedule again in the last week of the February:) 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english MizzDeeya : Can you provide tour guide for a week since we will be going to korea for 8days? [1] 17.01.15
Unfortunately, We cannot provide tour for 8days. If you want to go personal tour for a day, please give us a contact in e-mail ! 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english Darlyn : Is it possible to sign-up for two trips on the same day? Also, tours are plotted on Saturdays, is it possible to have one on weekdays or on Sunday? Thanks! [1] 17.01.01
if you apply for a private tour, it will be possible to have one on weekdays or on Sunday. Also, I think it is probably impossible to go two trips on the same day..! 17.01.09 : Mchelle
english qutiepie : Is this tour only for non-Korean? I am Korean but it's my first trip to Seoul. [1] 16.12.06
I'm afraid thatt these tours are only for foreigner ;) I'm sorry. 17.01.09 : Mchelle
english sinyee : I'm planning my solo trip to Korea on Early February 2017. Since this is my solo trip and I am interested in going for ski. I know it will be a bit stupid if I ski alone (I never ski and don't know how to ski). I'm looking for travelers in small grou [1] 16.11.24
We don't have any ski tour so it might be hard to go to ski. ;( I'm sorry..! If you need any other customized tour, please check this '' for more information. 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english Edmund1957 : I will be in Seoul from Jan 28 till February 3. This is my 1st trip to Seoul and would like to visit the palaces and the hanok [1] 16.11.20
Thank you for your interest. I recommend 'Gyeongbokgung Tour', 'Namsan Tour' and 'Bukchon Hanok Village Tour' ect. Please check this for more information; 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english alfwithair : planned trip for a month from englend in 2018. Do you have an age limit on your tours? it is trip of a life time for 60th birthday [1] 16.11.18
Of course you can! Regardless age, everyone can enjoy with us :) Happy birthday~!! 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english JaneMJ : hi, is it possible to have tour during january, perhaps 09th january?. im bringing my classmate [1] 16.11.01
Sorry for the late answer. Every tour is on saturday so if you need any customized tour, please check this '' for more information. 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english ChiewEng : Hi I am interested in the Soedamun prison tour for 4 pax on Monday 7 November 2016. Please advise how I can go about to make the booking. Thank you. [1] 16.10.26
Sorry for the late answer. Every tour is on saturday so if you need any customized tour, please check this '' for more information. 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english Clouden : Hi. I don't see any tour schedule in November. I wish to join a tour on 12th November. How can I find out more about the tour schedule on 12th November? [1] 16.10.24
Sorry for the late reply. we update tours on the last week of every month. 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english jackco26 : 1 day in Seoul - 21st Oct (Fri) - anything to suggest? Just myself....... [1] 16.10.18
Sorry for late answer. Please check this for more information about place to visit; 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english Wesha : Hi, I'm visiting Seoul in December. Most prolly celebrating christmas and NYE there. Currently in the midst of planning my itinerary and there's so much that I would love to ask a local about, such as accomodation, transport, place to visit/ explore, [1] 16.10.06
Please check this for more information about place to visit; 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english IMAN : my family and i from malaysia will come to visit korea on 1 april 2017-7/4/2017 so i want to reserve a week tour. is there any tour guide available for that date? [1] 16.09.29
Every tour is on saturday so I guess 1,april is available. If you need any customized tour, please view for more information. 16.11.27 : Mchelle
english jianliang : Hi guys! Am visiting Seoul from 28th Sep to 2nd Oct, invited here to share at a Startup Conference. Would definitely love to meet with your team and any travellers free! :) [1] 16.09.28
Welcome! Thank you for your joining ! we would be sincerely glad to meet you! Let's have fun :) !! 16.09.29 : Mchelle
english MiniKim : My friend from Czech will come to Korea this Oct so I want to reserve week tour for him. Is there any available tour guide or schedule during 4th~6th, Oct for him? [1] 16.09.22
Although Regular tours are opened every Saturday, we are going to try to help you. So we will be available later to certain answer of your questions. 16.09.28 : Mchelle
english Tin : hi, me and my 2 friends will be coming to S.Korea this november 24-28.(yey!) my itenerary schedules are not yet complete, do you have suggestion tour for one day? [1] 16.09.21
November tour schedule is not updated yet. You can check it when November starts, in our homepage or facebook page. If you want to participate last Saturday of November tour, you should reserve the tour in our homepage. :) 16.09.28 : Mchelle
english Swar : Greetings from Bahrain!, i will be in Seoul for 5 days, from October 11 till 15 and was wondering if there were any scheduled tours during those dates? I was also was wondering if there is a "pop culture" tour? Thanks! [2] 16.09.13
Regular tours are opened every saterday so may be you could join on october 15. Also Unfortunately there is no pop culture tour ;( 16.09.20 : Mchelle
will keep checking the schedule for the 15th then. thank you for your help Mchelle :) 16.09.21 : Swar
english Justine : I would like to make a reservation for the Traditional experience in Hongdae(Shrine Tour) but I don't find the corresponding "Tour Title" in the reservation form. Which title does it correspond to? [1] 16.09.01
Sorry for the late reply. This is the full name of the title: Traditional experience in Hongdae - Shrine Tour(Gwangheungdang) 16.09.20 : Mchelle
english Nancy : Are tours only available on Saturdays? Also, when will a tour for October 1st be posted? [2] 16.08.30
Customized tours are also available but its availability is determined by internal meetings. In addition, the tour schedule for October will be posted in the last weak of September. 16.08.31 : Mchelle
I will be going for the "Back to the Past - Bukchon Hanok Village Tour"! Hope to meet with you there. :) 16.09.28 : jianliang