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english 4eyes : Best places to go and best places to eat in Seoul??? Please help. Thanks. 17.05.23
english MrsTye : Like to join yr special jokbal party but will be in Seoul in May. Where can my family have this special jokbal ? 17.04.28
english Lalita : Hi, im planning on visiting Seoul but there are so many great places to visit, so i couldn't arrange it wisely. Could anyone give me a company and guide me arround?? thank you 17.04.24
english Triciaw : Hi, i am 46 years old and going for my first solo trip to seoul from 15-19may . Anybody able to guide or givea tour during that period? Thanks 17.04.15
english SteveK : Hello, I am hoping for a tour on 30th April or 1st May. Is this possible? Please let me know if that is possible. Thanks in advance. Steve 17.04.02
english yikho : Hi all, my name is Yik Ho and I will be visiting Seoul on the 10th or 11th of May. As those days are weekdays, do you offer custom tours on those days? 17.03.25
english Winifred : Hi I would like to join the March 25th Shining Light tour. I did my best to reserve online, but not sure if my info is successfully registered. Please kindly confirm and let me know where and when to meet up. 17.03.23
english quick : Quick-Hi, I am not in Seoul but really need some one to guide me here in Gyeongju-si, I will pay for all living expenses-I have checked in East Hill Resort/ Sungho Resort. Please contact me at 17.03.19
english Anh : Hi, I really want to join school tour. It is unique and very attractive that I can't do it by my self. I stay in Korea from 28 Mar to 11 Apr, I wish you would operate one within that time. Thank you a lot! 17.03.19
english Bonk : Hello. I noticed there are no tours scheduled in April 2017 yet, when would those get posted? I would ideally be looking for one on Saturday, April 15th. Gyeongbokgung palace would be nice to see. 17.03.13
english SandyH : Hi, I registered for the prison tour on March 18th, but didn't receive a confirmation email. Also, I need to add 3 more people in our party to the tour, but they don't have email addresses. What should I do? Thanks. 17.03.11
english eg : hi all. we are 3 friends and we want to know if someone avaiable to give us a tour from 5.4 to 7.4 in seoul. 17.03.03
english nida : Hi! Do you guys have customised tours on weekdays? We are only there for a limited time and we don't get the weekend :( [1] 17.02.04
Hello:D First of all sorry for late reply..! Yess we provide customized tour too. Tell me time and place that you want! But the tour is only confirmed when some of our members can go tour at that time 17.02.21 : SeoHui
english Puza : Hi, I m 53 years old travelling to Seoul on the 5th April till 10th April 2017, I need someone to guide me around Seoul and perhaps in Busan too. I really hope that I will get someone to guide me around Seoul. Thank you. [1] 17.01.27
we gladly would like to do ! if you want to go personal tour, please give us a contact in e-mail ! 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english 4eyes : Hi, we will be in Seoul june 16-20, 2017. Got 6 of us. Anyone available to give us a tour? We also like to eat and drink as well. Thanks. [1] 17.01.26
Yes, of course you can! we gladly would like to do ! if you want to go personal tour, please give us a contact in e-mail ! 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english nida : Hi! I would be in Seoul from 18th to 21st Feb 2017..are there any tours scheduled? Can we personally schedule them? Thank you for your help! ^^ [1] 17.01.21
We updated the schedule for Feb 2017. Please check again~! :) 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english Tine : Do you already have a schedule for March 2017? We will be there March 9-16. Thank you! [1] 17.01.19
we will update the schedule right before March. so please check the schedule again in the last week of the February:) 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english MizzDeeya : Can you provide tour guide for a week since we will be going to korea for 8days? [1] 17.01.15
Unfortunately, We cannot provide tour for 8days. If you want to go personal tour for a day, please give us a contact in e-mail ! 17.01.29 : Mchelle
english Darlyn : Is it possible to sign-up for two trips on the same day? Also, tours are plotted on Saturdays, is it possible to have one on weekdays or on Sunday? Thanks! [1] 17.01.01
if you apply for a private tour, it will be possible to have one on weekdays or on Sunday. Also, I think it is probably impossible to go two trips on the same day..! 17.01.09 : Mchelle
english qutiepie : Is this tour only for non-Korean? I am Korean but it's my first trip to Seoul. [1] 16.12.06
I'm afraid thatt these tours are only for foreigner ;) I'm sorry. 17.01.09 : Mchelle