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english Athena : Sodaemun Prison Tour - Dec15 - What time does the tour ends? I want to join but I need to leave by 7pm. Is that possible? [3] 18.12.03 Update Delete
Hello, Athena! This is Seoulmate. Seodaemun prison tour on Dec15 will begin at 2:30! Seodaemun tour takes about 2~3 hours so I guess you'll have plenty of time until 7pm. Thanks! :) 18.12.03 : EugeneJeon
Oh actually the starting time can change depending on the schedule of Seoulmate members. I'll tell you the fixed starting time next Monday.:) 18.12.03 : EugeneJeon
Seodaemun tour will start at 2:30 as I mentioned last time! If you want to join the tour, pleade fill out the reservation form:) 18.12.09 : EugeneJeon
english Jin : 안녕하세요! 제 친구가 이번에 한국에오는데 저랑같이 이곳에 참여할수있을까요??? [1] 18.11.24 Update Delete
안녕하세요, Jin님! 서울메이트입니다. 서울메이트 투어는 외국인을 대상으로 하는 것이기 때문에 원칙적으로 한국인의 투어 참여는 불가능합니다. 하지만 불가피한 사정이 있으실 경우, 말씀해주시면 투어 리더와 팀장단의 논의를 거쳐 말씀드리도록 하겠습니다! 감사합니다. 18.11.24 : EugeneJeon
english Nelle : Hi SeoulMate, Is it possible to have a Haneul Park Tour on Nov 22? I didnt see anything scheduled on the 22nd so I was wondering if its possible. Thanks [1] 18.11.14 Update Delete
Hello, Nelle! This is Seoulmate. Unfortunately, there is no Haneul park tour on winter season. TT Also, regular tours are held only on every Saturday! Thanks. 18.11.15 : EugeneJeon
english Everina : Hi, seoulmate team [1] 18.11.11 Update Delete
Hello, Everina! This is Seoulmate. If you have any question, feel free to ask us! Thanks. 18.11.12 : EugeneJeon
english Flo : Hi SeoulMate! First thanks for this awesome service :) We'll be in Seoul Friday 23th. Is there any possibility to organize a street food tour with you? [1] 18.11.05 Update Delete
Hello, Flo! This is Seoulmate. I guess Gwangjang market tour will be good for you! Regular tours are only held every Saturday. However, you can also sign up for a customized tour for other than Saturdays! Please keep in mind the customized tour can be held only if there are enough Seoulmate members who are available. Please fill out the reservation form and we will send you a confirmation mail as soon as possible if the tour can be held. Thanks! 18.11.05 : EugeneJeon
english Alice : Hi there, I am interested in the Bukchon Hanok trip this Saturday. I am wondering what time the group usually meets up, as I may not be able to make it in time. Thank you :) [1] 18.11.01 Update Delete
Hello, Alice! This is Seoulmate. Originally, tour reservation is by Thursday, but I guess you can join the tour!! Bukchon tour will begin at 12pm this Saturday. If you want to join the tour, please fill out the reservation form by today. Thanks! 18.11.02 : EugeneJeon
english kai : HI! SeoulMate, I would like to ask what time does "Walking Along the King's Road - Gyeongbokgung Tour" usually start? thank you! [1] 18.10.24 Update Delete
Hello, Kai. This is Seoulmate. Gyeongbokgung tour on Oct 27 will begin at 1:30 pm. Please be there on 1:15. Thanks! 18.10.24 : EugeneJeon
english Tracy : Seoul Mate, I hope you read this message. I will be joining the tour this afternoon. I am now at the National Museum of Korea. Instead of going back to Inchon subway exit, may I just meet you at the Hangeul Museum later? It's a long way back t [1] 18.10.06 Update Delete
Hi, Tracy! I'm really sorry for late response. Did you have a good tour with Seoulmate? I hope it would be a great experience for you. If you have another chance to join the tour, please visit Seoulmate. Thanks! 18.10.07 : EugeneJeon
english Tracy : Hi Seoul Mate, is there a morning tour I can join tomorrow? I have a confirmed afternoon tour. But I am free in the morning and would want to maximize my visit to Seoul. Please advise. Many thanks. [1] 18.10.05 Update Delete
Hello, Tracy. This is Seoulmate. I'm really sorry for checking the message late. TT You can only join one tour a day. If you have another chance to join the tour, please keep in mind. Thanks! 18.10.07 : EugeneJeon
english Berna : Hello! Wondering what time the Bukchon Hanok village tour is on Saturday, 9/29. I made a reservation but we have a flight at 7:00pm that night, from GMP. Thank you! [1] 18.09.26 Update Delete
Hello, Berna! Bukchon tour will start at 10:30. Please be there at 10:15! Sorry for late response. Thanks! 18.09.28 : EugeneJeon
english David : Hi there! Me and my friend are gonna be in Seoul 9/24- 28 and sadly we see there's no tours available. Is there any way we can still get in touch with some of you for some advice, or just to hang out? Really want to meet some local people! [1] 18.09.19 Update Delete
Hello, David! Unfortunately, customized tour should be signed up at least a week before the tour date. Also, since it is Chuseok(traditional holiday) next week, I guess it is difficult to accommodate people. I'm so sorryTT If you have another chance to join the tour, please visit Seoulmate. Thanks! 18.09.20 : EugeneJeon
english syazwanijamari : Hello . i already fill the form since 7.9 but until now still don't get any confirmation reservation . but my friend already got it reservation mail . did i wrong during fill the form . [1] 18.09.17 Update Delete
Hello, Syazwanijamari. Which tour did you make a reservation? I'll check it. Thanks! 18.09.18 : EugeneJeon
english EY : Hi, I'm a Korean and wondering if I could join the tour with my foreign friend. Thanks. [1] 18.09.12 Update Delete
Hello, EY! Since Seoulmate is a club that offers tour to non-Korean tourists, it is basically unable for Koreans to join the tour. However, if there is any specific situation, we'll have a discussion so please tell me! Thanks. 18.09.12 : EugeneJeon
english Jen : Hello! I saw that Baseball watching is available under Reservations but it is not a regular tour. Can I still make a reservation for baseball watching? Will be in Korea from 10th Oct-16th Oct (both dates inclusive). Thank you! [1] 18.09.12 Update Delete
Hello, Jen! Unfortunately, we don't have any plan for baseball watching tour yet since it is a seasonal tour. I'm so sorryTT Instead, regular tours are held on 13th of October. I recommend you to join the regular tours! Thanks. 18.09.12 : EugeneJeon
english Maxime : Hello :D We are two friends from belgium and we would like to join the hongdae tour organised on the 08/09. From what is see it is limited to 4 guys and 3 are already booked would it be a problem for the two of us to join ? [1] 18.08.30 Update Delete
Hello, Maxime! Do you mean the Gwangheungdang tour on 09/08? No problem! Please make a reservation on our website. Thanks! 18.08.31 : EugeneJeon
english Patel : Hello, my wife and I will be in Seoul from 27th Aug 2018 to 1st Sept 2018. Do you conduct tours during this period. We very much want to see the Blue Palace/change of guards, Seoul Tower, Hanok Village, Buddhist temple, etc [1] 18.08.23 Update Delete
Hello, Patel. We have 4 tours on 1st, September. (Gyeongbok palace, market&Jongmyo, 6.25 War memorial, and Seochon ). I recommend you to see our tour gallery and make a reservation on this offcial hompage. Thanks! 18.08.23 : EugeneJeon
english Julian : What time is the tour of Gwangjang Market on 8/4? [1] 18.07.26 Update Delete
Hello, Julian. The exact time is not decided yet, since it depends on the weather and members. If you make a reservation, the meeting time will be specified on confirmation mail. Thanks! 18.07.26 : EugeneJeon
english Alex : Hi! I am visiting from July 29 to August 9. Are you still doing tours during this time? [1] 18.07.19 Update Delete
Yes, we provide tour every saturday. Please refer to our tour scchedule. Thanks 18.07.24 : YouJeong
english Jenny : Hi, i am visiting in september. do you know if you would have any tours either on 9/19 or 9/20? [1] 18.07.19 Update Delete
We only have tours each saturday. On 9/19&9/20, we don't have a tour. Thanks 18.07.23 : YouJeong
english Junejune : Hi wanna check how to book a tour??? [1] 18.07.02
I'm sorry to reply late. Please go to reservation section in our hompage, and book it~!Thank you~ 18.07.08 : YouJeong