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ara : fall in love with seoul~ ^^ 12.10.28
Mijyong : It's wednesday. SeoulMate day! I miss u T_T. [1] 12.10.17 Update Delete
Me too..... Guys just smash off the midterm!!!!!! 12.10.21 : Mrs.Higgins
Sammy : Hwaiting, Seoulmate!! :D [3] 12.10.16 Update Delete
Hwaiting too, Sammy :) haha 12.10.17 : MJ13 Update Delete
^o^)9 12.10.19 : Sammy Update Delete
Thanks Sammy XD 12.10.21 : Mrs.Higgins
Sammy : hi, seoulmate... could you tell me about places to stay on korea? Kamsahamnida~ :D [5] 12.10.16 Update Delete
visit 12.10.17 : SeoulMate
okay, thanks :) btw... how many places to go to if you guys guiding? 12.10.19 : Sammy Update Delete
It depends on tour :) Check schedule of your visit, then see the tour infomation. Most of tours are not that far from hongdae 12.10.19 : SeoulMate
ohh arraseo... :D do you know which room at may guesthouse that fits for 3 person? :/ 12.11.06 : Sammy Update Delete
it will be better to ask at may guesthouse. by phone e-mail or kakao talk. 12.11.07 : hyem
une : hi seoulmate,, my i ask some question??? [11] 12.10.13
could u give me some information about youthhostel or hotel that suit for 3 young girls? and the cost is not too expensive?or is there any place for free :P? heheh thank you 12.10.13 : une
Hello une :) We recommend may guesthouse. If you go to the very first page of our website, you can find banner of May guesthouse. It's at hongdae, not too expensive :D 12.10.13 : hyem
kyaaa, thankyou for the information hyem :D. i already check ur guesthouse website but i can't hanngeul. so i still confused. could u please give me the information about the price/ nigth, is there any free wifii, can we have early check in, is ur guest house near from public transportation?is there a private bathroom? or we have to share? thats all the question i hv so far... sorry i hv to many questions :p.. anyway thank you hyem :DD 12.10.13 : une
Well, About Mayguesthouse, 25,000/per night for each person(for dom of 4). You can ask for early check in, subway line 2 is near! I think you have to share the bathroom. You can get more details by sending e-mail to :) 12.10.13 : hyem
okay, thankyou sooo much hyem :) its nice talking to you :D :D 12.10.13 : une
And is it right date, august of 2013 ?? You mean you actually visit Seoul next year? 12.10.13 : hyem
if there is no obstacle, i'll be there on august 2013 :)). i already reserved the airplane ticket :D 12.10.13 : une
Cool :) Wish I could meet you through our tour program. 12.10.13 : hyem
i hope so. lets meet up :D :D.. btw i need a tour guide.. if u dont mind, could u give me an information where i can find a free guide :D hehehe 12.10.13 : une
Plus, you might get a discount through SeoulMate. 12.10.15 : SeoulMate Update Delete
hmm sorry , i little bit confused about ur replied. wht did u mean that i might get a discount through SeoulMate? did something missing from ur replied??thank you :) 12.10.15 : une
une : test 12.10.13
Suzy : I LOVE SeoulMate!♥.♥ [2] 12.10.08 Update Delete
I love you Suzy :P 12.10.11 : SeoulMate
lol I feel jealous.. 12.10.21 : Mrs.Higgins
jw : could you provide us seoul tour all about kpop, such us music bank or maybe we could see running man show on the spot [3] 12.10.08
lol i guess you are really into Kpop and Korean variety shows Xx 12.10.10 : Mrs.Higgins Update Delete
Hello jw :) We want to provide you tour but it's hard to visit music bank or spot of running man. 12.10.11 : SeoulMate
yeaappp, i'm planning to go to korea again next year, me want to focus on seoul 12.10.18 : Update Delete
폴스키 : I love this GuestBook board. 12.10.08
작은토끼 : When you meet Seoul, SeoulMate★ [1] 12.10.07
yeah! 12.10.28 : ara
Mrs.Higgins : All that RAW Seoul!!!!!!!!!!! 12.10.06
SeoulMate : Go go SeoulMate 12.10.05
YEDEUN :D : We will have hanok village tour as well this Sat.!! 12.10.05 Update Delete
Hyunsoo : gonna be a guide of Hanul Park Tour tmr :) excited~ [1] 12.10.05
I am going to haneul Park Tour as well :P Let's have Fun! 12.10.06 : hyem
Hyunsoo : first!!!!!!!!!!! 12.10.05