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Mrs.Higgins : Off-line promotion completed successfully today!! Yeyyy [1] 13.03.15
yeyyyyyyyyyy~~~ 13.03.17 : SmallRabbit
♥Smallrabbit♥ : Can't wait to go to Seodaemun prison tour this saturdayyyy -- :D ♥ [1] 13.03.14
it's tmr!! >_ 13.03.15 : Mrs.Higgins
lolatan99 : Hello all!!! I am lola.. from malaysia... I would love to know more about korea!!! :P [1] 13.03.09
Hi, lola. Nice to hear that :) visit SeoulMate's facebook once! there're lots of interesting stories about Korea ;) 13.03.14 : ♥Smallrabbit♥
ruru : hi seoulmates...its great to find u,i'm new here and very exited to come to seoul ASAP [4] 13.03.03
welcome :) hope to make unforgettable memories here, Seoul with us ^.~ 13.03.03 : ♥Smallrabbit♥
but why i cant find ur account on twitter 13.03.03 : ruru Update Delete
sorry T T we don't have an account of twitter 13.03.04 : hyem
oh T^T 13.03.04 : ruru Update Delete
gelo : Hello Seoulmates! Annyeong! I'm gelo and I'm looking forward to meet you guys on march. I'll visit the awesome city of Seoul and want to make new friends. [2] 13.02.21
Hello Gelo :) I'll be waiting for your visit. hope to meet you soon 13.02.21 : hyem
Hello Hyem! Thank you. Can't wait to meet you guys. 13.02.21 : gelo
herry : hiii soulmates....... i really want to visit in seoul... :) [1] 13.02.20
Hi! We wanna meet you too :) Are you planning to come over?? 13.02.21 : Mrs.Higgins
jojie : hello seoulmates... found this website and i'm looking forward on my next visit in Seoul this year. thanks..:-) [4] 13.02.11
Hope to meet you at your next visit :) 13.02.11 : hyem
looking forward to join one of your tour...I will be in Seoul this Autumn..:-) thanks! 13.02.11 : jojie
Please join :) I'll be waiting for you, 13.02.12 : hyem
Thanks..:-) now...i'm more excited on my Seoul Trip! 13.02.13 : jojie
wulanndp : hello seoulmates i'm new in here and do you have plan on 14 dec - 21 dec 2013? i need your help! thanks :) [1] 13.02.06
I am not sure about which tour we will do on dec 2013. We plan the tours of december on nov. So could you please visit our website again at the end of november? 13.02.06 : hyem
suri : hello, SeoulMates.. im a newbie here. i need ur help. im planning to have summer school in Inha this year and i need more info. please help me^^ [5] 13.02.05
Well I don't really know about Inha :-( What is exact thing you would like to know? 13.02.06 : hyem
i wanna know bout the procedure. since i never come to Korea before i wanna go there and i think i'll get settled trip by join the Summer School. u know something -- i mean anything-- bout this program? 13.02.06 : suri Update Delete
Sorry I don't really know T T 13.02.06 : hyem
hoo, i see. thats fine. :D i hve another question. in any case, do u know the place to buy old stuffs like Albums, Photobook or something like that? thank u in advance :D 13.02.07 : suri Update Delete
There is market called Pungmul market where SeoulMate goes when there is a market tour. There is full of old stuffs. 13.02.08 : hyem
♥Smallrabbit♥ : I love you SeoulMate★ [1] 13.01.24
Where is the most strategies and comfortable hanok guesthouse plus I can learn about making kimchi 13.03.18 : rrrbgp Update Delete
Jan : Dear Seoul Mate, I'm going to Seoul from 20th-27th April 2013. I'm wondering if you have plans for any tours during that period. If yes, how do we join the tour and is there any charges that we have to pay? If not too much trouble, we also would like [1] 13.01.16
Hi, jan. I'm a member of seoulmate heekyung. Actually, we inform our tour schedule one month earlier :) so, that means, april's tour shcedule is now up in the air yet. We're gonna let you know, but please check tour schedules advance later :) 13.01.18 : ♥Smallrabbit♥
v4m3 : Hi Seoul Mate, We're coming to Seoul on 11-19 Jan 2013 and we would like to have a trip aroun Seoul. I heard that you have some tours available for backpackers. But looking at your website is a bit confusing. Would you help me with the information ab [1] 13.01.06
Hello, I am Hyemi from SeoulMate. There are tours on 19th Jan you can join, buckon hanok village tour and market tour. By filling out reservation form you can join our tour on that day. Click 'Go To Reservation' button on the right side of the webpage and fill out the form. If you want to join the tour other day, first check the tour courses of what you want to join then fill out the form with 'customized' as tour type. Then after Wedensday, we will tell you if we could accept your offer or not. 13.01.07 : hyem
vivi : Hi SeoulMate! I hope you have tours in February when I'm coming to seoul!!!I sent you some email but no reply...:( Please contact with me as soon as possible! Thank you so much and nice to meet youuuuu:D [3] 12.12.08
we will check very soon and answer to you ;) 12.12.08 : hyem
thank you :D haha im just so excited and can't help making plans now 12.12.08 : vivi
So looking forward to meeting you up vivi!! XD 12.12.15 : Mrs.Higgins
Suzy : SeoulMate nun zzang yi ya! [2] 12.12.07
Dang yeon ha ji!!! 12.12.08 : Mrs.Higgins
babodle 12.12.16 : Jo Update Delete
ks3oul : Hi Seoulmate! I hope you have tours around february and march when I'm coming to seoul kkk~ :D nice too meet you! 반가습니다 [4] 12.12.04
There will be tours :) You don't have to worry about that. 12.12.04 : hyem
Ah! We will be looking forward to it!! We have tours every month so don't worry about it :-) See ya! 12.12.04 : SeoulMate
yayyy~~ 아싸~ I'm so excited like a baby :)) ! 12.12.05 : ks3oul
haha 아싸! 12.12.08 : Mrs.Higgins
♥Smallrabbit♥ : Yesterday's Seodaemun prison tour was great! I really enjoyed it, love you SeoulMate ㅋㅋ 12.11.18
ClareSA : Hi I just wanted to hear when are you having another Namsan tour tour? Me and some friends want to come up to Seoul sometime in December to go to the trickeye museum in the morning and then do one of your cool tours in the afternoon... [2] 12.11.15
hi clare :) actually, it's up in the air, but soon, we're gonna make next month's tour plan. 12.11.15 : 작은토끼
so, after setting we'll announce it on facebook :) 12.11.15 : 작은토끼
Tan : Hi Seoulmates .... my family are going to Seoul from 19 to 28 Dec ... do u have any tours that we can join ?? [3] 12.11.03
There will be tour on 22nd Dec. Or you can ask for customized tour other day. If you tell us about tour you want to attend, we will think about putting that tour on 22nd Dec. 12.11.03 : SeoulMate
Hi SeoulMate, we are planing to go Gyeongbokgung Palace on 22 Dec and Bukchon Hanok Village and Changdeokgung Palace on 23 Dec.. 12.11.04 : Tan
Hi Tan :) I will ask for Gyeongbokgung tour on 22 Dec, and for 23th Dec, as we provide Buckon Hanok Village Tour you can ask by fill out the reservation form. 12.11.05 : hyem
Juran : So many reservations for the Gangnam Tour this Saturday >.< Can't wait to meet new friends ♥ 12.11.02
SeoulMate : we r having a meeting now yeah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [2] 12.10.31
hello~SeoulMate~~Could I join the Gangnam Tour if I didn't make the reservation?It seems to not be allowed to make the reservation! 12.11.02 : Lily
Click 'Go to reservation' on the right side of the page, then fill out our reservation form please :) You cannot see any of others' reservation article but you can write down your own. 12.11.02 : SeoulMate