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CL : Hi! we are two Canadian girls on a trip through South Korea for the next three weeks and we would love to participate to one of Seoulmates tours and meeting! please send more informations on how to do so! thank you very much and in hope to see you so [1] 14.09.22
Hello~ this is Seoulmate. Please click 'How to Reserv' on your right, then you can get informations about how to reserve our tours. Don't forget to reserve individually, we have 'one reservation per one person' policy. Also you have to reserve by thursday!! After you made reservation, we will send you the confirmation mail :D If you want to contact us, please send us facebook message or E-mail( ) Thank you!! 14.09.23 : 다워니
Vanessa : June 6 tour [1] 14.06.05 Update Delete
hi~ this is Seoulmate! we sent confirmation mail through your e-mail! Please check your mail again~ thanks! 14.06.06 : Genie
Janaya : hi =) Guys, when need to leave the application? Please tell working time of guides. Are you usually gather a group or make individual tours? have you a service to meet at the airport? and most importantly, how can I send private messages here? [1] 14.02.12
hello ~ this is seoulmate. We don't have service at airport and we gather both group and individual but pay attention about our 'one man one reservation' notice! If you want to contact, please send us facebook message or email. The address is on the right side! thanks =) 14.02.15 : Genie
Rudy : Hello SeoulMate, I'm planning on visiting Seoul in May (1st week) Im just wondering, when will you guys post the schedule for May tour and also is there weekdays tour/activities? Thank you [1] 14.01.30
Hi Rudy, we wil post it in the last week of April. And we have no regular tour on weekdays.... sorry... but please do customized tour reservation! If we can, we will provide tour for you even weekday, thanks :) 14.02.06 : Genie
toy : Hi! guys, im sorry but im quiet do i make a reservation if i plan on visiting seoul in april. thanks! [1] 14.01.27
Hi toy, i'm a member of Seoulmate. Please visit our page again in late March. We wil upload the schedule and information of tour. Please check it first! And next... just reservation! If you want to know the method, please click the banner 'how to reserv' on right side of this page. I hope to see you in April. thanks 14.02.06 : Genie
kusa : hi everybody, I'm Thao from Vietnam. from January 26th to February 4th, I will go to Korea to travel. I'm looking for tor guides who would accompany me around Seoul. so if possible, please contact me here or via e mail : or kaka [1] 14.01.21
i'm sorry for late T.T we had no tour until February 4th because of national holiday 14.02.06 : Genie
민철 : 안녕하세요 서울메이트 친구들..제가 방금 신청했는데 지금까지 이메일 아직 안와요..ㅠㅠ 제가 내일 가고싶은데요..서울메이트 친구들을 만나고싶어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ [1] 13.09.13
오른쪽에 "Go to Reservation" 클릭하세요! 13.09.24 : Minimi
Cinorek : hello i just signed up to website, but i havent taken a an email about regitration. how can i apply for the next tour. 13.08.31
Varsha : Hey, I registered for the Gangnam tour scheduled on July 13th(Saturday). How will I know whether i reservation is confirmed, where I need to come to join you guys? When will I get the confirmation mail? [1] 13.07.11
I'm sorry, It is possible to join one tour a day. It is because at same time do the tour. But you reserved 2 tours so you can go one of the tours. So you cannot join Gangnam tour. Take care:) 13.07.12 : jisoo
rrrbgp : Hi, Jisoo.. How about my customize reservation for 7 June 2012? I'm sorry for requesting on weekdays since there is no tours on 10 June [1] 13.06.02 Update Delete
We already send you an email. I am so sorry we can not tour :( I hope see you later! 13.06.05 : jisoo
rrrbgp : Please let me know if you have customize tour in 5-7 june... [4] 13.05.26 Update Delete
Can I ask for customize tour if I travelling alone? Or it's only for groups traveller? 13.05.26 : rrrbgp Update Delete
Hi this is SeoulMate Jisoo. You can tour alone, but you have to reserve early, because we are consist of University student so we have to check our schedule:) I hope to see you! 13.06.02 : jisoo
Hi jisoo, I've already book for 7th June to Namsan (My reservation is from 26 May 2013). How can I know that my reservation is approved? 13.06.02 : rrrbgp Update Delete
Hi is the June 7 your still available? I filled out an application but I haven't received any emails. I checked my spam too. I will only be here until June 10 so I would reaaaally want to go on this tour and meet people! Thank you 14.06.05 : Vanessa E Update Delete
rrrbgp : Why there is no tour on 9 june? I really want to join seoulmate tours but unfortunately there is no tour for 9 June ToT I will stay in Seoul on 5-11 june 13.05.26 Update Delete
Nicole711 : Hi Seoulmate! Im Nicole. I really interested in joining the event and makes korean friends. Is there any weekdays activities as I working during weekends :( [1] 13.05.05
Sorry Nicole, as we are all students it is really hard to make time during the weekday. 13.05.06 : hyem
hafizh : Hello seoulmate! im hafizh, im really interested in joining your tour. I will be staying in seoul from 25 june - 9 july. Im just wondering, when will you post the schedule for july tour? I just cant wait to meet you :D [1] 13.05.04
Hello hafizh, I am Hyemi :) Can you please visit our website again in late May ? We will upload the schedule of June maybe the last week of May. 13.05.06 : hyem
Nahum : Hello seoulmate (: im nahum from singapore and thinking of traveling to korea from may23 - 2 june . which means i most probably get to join you guys twice (: but other than that, do you guys do anything on the week days as well? [1] 13.04.28
Hi Nahum~ This is SeoulMate. please do custom tour reservation:) If we can tour we will provide tour for you! 13.04.30 : jisoo
Paul : Hi. I'm a Korean-American (American citizen) who moved to the US when I was little. Would it be okay if I participated in the tour? [4] 13.04.07 Update Delete
Hi! This is SeoulMate:) When you tour Seoul, you need a help with Korean? If you need, you can join our tour. Because we provide Seoul free tour guide for non-Korean who need a help with Korean. Thanks;) 13.04.11 : jisoo
Hello, I just wanted to add a comment here. I also moved to US early age, although I do speak Korean, it's been 15 yrs since I went back. Me & my husband (who is an american and does not speak Korean) is planning Korea trip this May. Can we still join the tour? Would me speaking Korean be an issue? 13.04.26 : Kim_eddie
I think you can join our tour! I hope see you soon:) Take care !! 13.04.29 : Jisoo Update Delete
Great! Thank you for your confirmantion! We will def. join your temple tour. cannot wait!! thanks so much! - Kim 13.04.30 : Kim_eddie
Rabeah : Hi SeoulMate. This is a great idea to promote your country. I'm looking forward to the picnic next week. I regret that I should know about SeoulMate earlier because I've been here for more than a month. Thanks! [1] 13.04.01
Hi! This is SeoulMate~ Thank you for your comment! I hope you enjoy our tour:) 13.04.07 : jisoo
Reacin : Hi, I'm Indonesian, this may i want go to Korea for the first time... Maybe I can join some tour or get some clue for my trip... I need your help [1] 13.03.24
Hi, Reacin. This is SeoulMate. Please check our tour first and then reserve the tour which you want to join. If you dont know how to reserve, please check the "How to reserve" box on the right side of home page. Thanks :) 13.03.25 : SmallRabbit
elvira : Annyeong haseyo! I'm from Indonesia, I'm so glad I found out about SeoulMate! My friend and I are coming to Korea this Summer, we are on our own so we are a bit clueless here because we don't speak Korean. I'm looking forward to join your tour! [1] 13.03.23
Hi, elvira. I'm heekyung, a member of SeoulMate. If you want to join our tour, first you should rederve the tour. We notice our tour schedule at the first week of month. Please check tour schedules, then reserve it. On the right side of home page, yoiu can check "How to reserve" content. Thanks :) 13.03.25 : SmallRabbit
rrrbgp : Please Help me>>> I need informations about the most strategies guesthouse near the subway in seoul (esp. myeongdong and hongdae station) [5] 13.03.19 Update Delete
NB: I will go to seoul on june,, and is there anyone know about hanok guesthouse which provide a learning session to make kimchi or other traditional korean food? 13.03.19 : rrrbgp Update Delete
Hello, I am Hyemi from SeoulMate. I am sorry to tell you but we don't really know much about the guesthouse which provides cultural stuffs. 13.03.19 : hyem
hi, as hyemi said, we don't have much information on guesthouse where you can experience cultural things :-( but, we know some korean guesthouse called "May Guesthouse" close to hongdae. If you want more information, plz visit their website :) thanks, 13.03.22 : SmallRabbit
How about hanok guesthouse near may guesthouse si I can transfer from may guesthouse to the hanok house easier 13.05.02 : rrrbgp
i'm so sorry, but i dont know the exact information on Hanok guesthouse close to MAY. However, i heard there're many hanok guesthouses around Insadong! :) 13.05.05 : SmallRabbit