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english jules : What time does the Namsan tour start? I just reserved to be part of the tour. :) [3] 15.04.16
Most of the Namsan tours usually start at about 5p.m, but next week Namsan tour has not been settled yet. A mail will be sent on next Thursday, and you can check it out on the mail we will send. Thanks :) 15.04.16 : Yong
Thank you! ^^ 15.04.17 : jules
Thank you! ^^ 15.04.17 : jules
english pb : is it possible to have a an individual tour. i would like to see old neighborhoods, art by locals, markets. [1] 15.03.27
If you want to have a individual tour, you need to reserve the customized tour in our website or email us. Thanks! 15.03.28 : Yong
english sha : what time the tour start on the april 4? i depart from busan early in the morning, do you think its possible for me to join? thanks [1] 15.03.25
Most of the tour start around 2pm. So I don't think you can join the tour, since you said you would leave Seoul in the morning. I hope we can see after Busan! Thanks! 15.03.28 : Yong
english Trammi : What time is the cherry blossom tour on April 11? I have a flight to catch so would like to know before booking. Thank you! [1] 15.03.23
It will start at 3pm, and the duration will be around 4 hours. I hope we can see in the tour! Thanks. 15.03.28 : Yong
english Kendall : Hi: How far in advance should a tour be scheduled? 4 of us will be there in September 2015. Thanks! [1] 15.03.21
Reservation till every Thursday. so if there is vacancy, you are always welcome to reserve. Plus the tour schedule upload every 3rd week. It means September tour schedule will be upload 3rd week of August. If you need further information, please email us. 15.03.28 : Yong
english kibeom : 안녕하세요! 인도인 25명 서울투어 하고 싶습니다. 영어로 가능하며 강남하고 경복궁, 그리고 인도인들이 IT에 관심이 너무많아서 용산을 가고 싶어하네요. 그리고 혹시 바로 전화 드릴 수 있는 번호 가르쳐 주시면 자세한 내용 설명 드리고 싶습니다.날짜는 4월 8일 하루 입니다. [1] 15.03.12
네 안녕하세요. 서울메이트입니다. 맞춤투어의 경우 그날 시간이 되는 서울메이트 멤버들이 있을 경우 가능하기 때문에 회의가 필요합니다. seoulmate.rsvt@gmail.com으로 연락주시면 빠른 컨택 가능합니다! 감사합니다. 15.03.28 : Yong
english Kristina : Hi! My family and friends are visiting Seoul in the first week of April. We're a group of 10. We'd like to inquire if it's possible to arrange a customized tour of Bukchon, Samcheongdong, and Insadong on April 4 (Friday). We're hoping we can meet up [1] 15.03.09
Hi, I 'm SeoulMate. If you want to have a customized tour, you need to reserve the tour or email us. E-mail is easier way to contact us. Thanks! 15.03.28 : Yong
english Lane : Hi, I'm visiting Seoul next week March 11~14 and need someone to be a guide and help with some translation. I'll go to the Korea Golf Show and visit some golf stores and of course look for lots of good foods to eat. [1] 15.03.08
Sorry for the late response. We only provide the tours we have. If you need further information, please email us. 15.03.28 : Yong
english shafik : Hello there can you help me make a choice on skiing place..i've done lot of research but i still dont know which is more preferable. For your infomation i'm going to Seoul on 1 march until 8 march 2015. is it skiing still avalaible??last time i che [1] 15.01.28
Hello~ This is SeoulMate!! Sorry for late response and I don't think there aren't many skiing place available on March. 15.02.05 : Dawon
english HJ : 안녕하세요! 저는 필리핀에 거주중인 한인 유학생입니다. 고등학교때 친하게 지냈던 친구가 대학교 대표로 한국에 3월 13-23일까지 방문한다고 하는데요. 공식 스케줄 빼고 자유여행을 하는 날 서울투어를 하고 싶어해요. 쇼핑, 남산타워, 그리고 궁궐을 방문하고 싶어하는데요. 혹시 3월 스케줄이 어떻게 되는지 알아볼 수 있을까요? [1] 15.01.28
안녕하세요 서울메이트입니다^^ 3월 스케줄은 2월 셋째주 토요일에 업로드 될 예정입니다. 그 때 다시 한 번 확인해 주세요! 15.02.01 : Dawon
english seesze1023 : Hello, im going to Seoul to visit D. Camp, SOCAR, Youth Hub, and OpenCloset on February 5 and 6, my team and I are looking for translator. Any volunteer service can offer? [2] 15.01.27
Please help~~ 15.01.27 : seesze1023
Please help~~ 15.01.27 : seesze1023
english Boon : Hi we are heading to Seoul on 25 to 28 Jan, really need help to tour and understand Seoul from a local point of view...can you help us please.... [2] 15.01.20
Only 2 of us and email is Local number: 010-4931-7804 15.01.20 : Boon
Hello~^^ This is SeoulMate. Sorry but we have tour only on saturday. If you want, please do custom tour reservation:) If we can tour, we will provide tour for you! If you have more question, email us to []!! 15.01.21 : Dawon
english ViviChandra : Hi guys, Im from Indonesia and plan to visit Seoul in this December. Would like to seek some advise and suggestion where to spent our NYE in Seoul. At the moment I guess my plan will goes to Bosingak ringing bell. We are goup of 4. I'd love to hear a [1] 14.12.08
Hello we are Seoulmate, That's good question. Of course I think Bosingak is good where is most famous place to send NYE. But it will be very busy. I want to recommend Itaewon and the Hongik University areas ^^! 14.12.15 : SeoulMate
english mayyee : Hi im a traveller and newbie to south korea. I would like to make new friends here, and I thought I sent a request for the walking tour. Did you receive it? Please let me know thanks. [1] 14.12.08
Hello we are Seoulmate frist I am sorry for the last respond! we got your request. We are going to send you mail about next week. Thank you. 14.12.15 : SeoulMate
AnthonyJ : Hi, Im a student from Kyunggi University and im looking for a club that can interact with a foreign students or tourists from another country. I really want to join this club. I want to make friends with other students and share the culture that w [2] 14.11.06 pls send me some details whether or not if I could join you guys :( thks :) 14.11.06 : AnthonyJ
hello!! sorry for the late respond. we send you a e-mail about the details. If you have further questions, feel free to ask through facebook message or E-mail. Thank you. 14.11.10 : 다워니
CL : Hi! we are two Canadian girls on a trip through South Korea for the next three weeks and we would love to participate to one of Seoulmates tours and meeting! please send more informations on how to do so! thank you very much and in hope to see you so [1] 14.09.22
Hello~ this is Seoulmate. Please click 'How to Reserv' on your right, then you can get informations about how to reserve our tours. Don't forget to reserve individually, we have 'one reservation per one person' policy. Also you have to reserve by thursday!! After you made reservation, we will send you the confirmation mail :D If you want to contact us, please send us facebook message or E-mail( ) Thank you!! 14.09.23 : 다워니
Vanessa : June 6 tour [1] 14.06.05 Update Delete
hi~ this is Seoulmate! we sent confirmation mail through your e-mail! Please check your mail again~ thanks! 14.06.06 : Genie
Janaya : hi =) Guys, when need to leave the application? Please tell working time of guides. Are you usually gather a group or make individual tours? have you a service to meet at the airport? and most importantly, how can I send private messages here? [1] 14.02.12
hello ~ this is seoulmate. We don't have service at airport and we gather both group and individual but pay attention about our 'one man one reservation' notice! If you want to contact, please send us facebook message or email. The address is on the right side! thanks =) 14.02.15 : Genie
Rudy : Hello SeoulMate, I'm planning on visiting Seoul in May (1st week) Im just wondering, when will you guys post the schedule for May tour and also is there weekdays tour/activities? Thank you [1] 14.01.30
Hi Rudy, we wil post it in the last week of April. And we have no regular tour on weekdays.... sorry... but please do customized tour reservation! If we can, we will provide tour for you even weekday, thanks :) 14.02.06 : Genie
toy : Hi! guys, im sorry but im quiet do i make a reservation if i plan on visiting seoul in april. thanks! [1] 14.01.27
Hi toy, i'm a member of Seoulmate. Please visit our page again in late March. We wil upload the schedule and information of tour. Please check it first! And next... just reservation! If you want to know the method, please click the banner 'how to reserv' on right side of this page. I hope to see you in April. thanks 14.02.06 : Genie