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english cunping : Temple and the city - Gangnam Tour 15.12.21
english scorned : I want to reserve Back to the Past - Bukchon Hanok Village Tour for Saturday 26th December, for 2 people. Please confirm reservation or email me. Thanks Sam. [1] 15.12.21
I've checked but Your reservation is not yet. If you want reservation, click the 'Go To Reserve' 15.12.21 : aisnd
english Jay_LL : I want to reserve for the market tour on the 19th, but process really unclear. form is korean text. Please confirm to [1] 15.12.17
Sorry I'm late. Thank you for coming. When you participate again, you can try English website. Then you can easily make a reservation. 15.12.21 : aisnd
english chano : you guyes have a office or reguqrary meeing off line , otherwise only for online contact.. hope to see you guys face to face this is my contact , if ok , can you answer me by texting to 010 4718 7440 thanks ! [1] 15.10.31
What made you be like this? Please let me know by mail. 15.11.05 : aisnd
english Timothy7 : Hi Seoulmate! Me and 4 other friends are travelling to Korea from 24th to 3rd Dec. Looking for weekday tours when we are in Seoul from 24 to 26 Nov. Is there any available? [1] 15.10.26
Yes, you can. 'Customized tour' is just for you 15.10.28 : aisnd
english Julian_91 : Hi, How long to know reserve confirmation? Thanks. [1] 15.10.20
It takes about two days. 15.10.25 : aisnd
english Krys : Hi All! I am travelling to Korea from 27th Oct to 6th Nov. Any weekday tours available? Would love to meet some new friends! [1] 15.10.13
You can reserve the customized tour! 15.10.17 : 혜준
english len : are there any tours available on weekdays? [1] 15.10.08
We have 'Customized tour' Just for you this tour^^ 15.10.09 : aisnd
english HuongVu2710 : i dont know how to make a reservation. Please help me. Thks in advance ^^ [1] 15.10.05
Please refer to the website 'How TO Reserve' on the right^^ 15.10.09 : aisnd
english helene : I am visiting from 3-8/11. When are you going to post tour schedule for NOvember 2015? Thanks [1] 15.10.05
November schedule will be uploaded at October 3rd week! 15.10.07 : 혜준
english YulianiSutantoLee : Hello.. Im from Indonesia :) I want to seoul plans with 11 my friends. if I could follow the tour for 2 days seoulmate tour event ...??? and if I am allowed to register for 11 my friends ... ?? thank you :) [1] 15.09.22
Sorry for late answering! We have 'Customized tour', so you can reserve it! You can use it on Tour Reservation and check the customized tour. 15.10.13 : 혜준
english mandyttt : Hello! I am a Singaporean going to Seoul on 15th Nov 2015 to 22nd Nov 2015. May i know if there is any tour available during this period? Looking forward~ [1] 15.09.13
November tour schedule can be found in October. 15.09.21 : aisnd
english Kendro : Hi seoulmate team, am malaysian going to seoul when 18-29sep, may i know is there any tour for this period? [2] 15.09.11
Actually i would like to visit muuido island 15.09.11 : Kendro
In the Tour Schedule of website, can be found. 15.09.21 : aisnd
english Shelby0403 : Hello, what are the age limits for joining this tour? [1] 15.08.20
everyone can enjoy! 15.08.23 : aisnd
english rebekah : Hi, I'm planning to join the Gangnam or Ilhwa Tour on 5th September, can I have a gauge of the time it would start? Thanks! [1] 15.08.16
Usually start at 2:00PM. 15.08.16 : aisnd
english Constans : Will there be a Shining Lights - Namsan Tour in the early weeks of Octoboer? [1] 15.08.10
I'm sorry for the late answer. The October schedule be announcement on 3rd weeks of September. 15.08.16 : aisnd
english Kerry : When do the tours begin and end? I'd LOVE to do one, but my flight is at 6PM, so I should be done with the tour by 3:30. [1] 15.08.02
Tour will start at 4:00pm in summer and it takes 2-3hours. 15.08.03 : aisnd
english HaniLutfi : Hi, I'm a Muslim from Malaysia and I'm planning to visit Seoul in early November. In regards of the dinners throughout the tour, is it possible to observe halal food or food with no pork or alcohol? [1] 15.07.19
Sure, if there is a vegetarian or a Muslim in the tour, we go to the restaurant which has the foods without pork. 15.07.20 : Yong
english Silke : Hi, I am in Seoul for about 4-5 days from Los Angeles and just found out about you. If there is someone who would like to practice their English and meet up with me it would be great! Maybe we can explore a tourist highlight of your choosing and I wi 15.07.17
english Gilo : Hello! I was wondering if a person is allowed to reserve a spot on mutiple tours? Or is it restricted to one type of tour per person total? [3] 15.07.02
You can reserve only one spot in a week, because all tours go on at the same time in every Sat. 15.07.04 : Yong
I will be there for quite some time so technically I could go on a tour every Saturday (selecting just one that day), if I wanted too, correct? 15.07.10 : Gilo
Yes right! 15.07.13 : Yong