Customized Tour

2016.02.29 22:22

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Customized Tour is for people who are not available to attend our regular tours on saturday.

It's for non-korean visitors to meet and have fun with us, SeoulMate.

So, in principle,

Cusomized tour only applies to the regular SeoulMate tour courses.

As SeoulMate is composed with university students, we will not be able to provide the tours to all of the needers.

Please make sure of these points.



▶ Customized tour can be refused due to SeoulMate members' reasons.

▶ You have to reserve the tour less before than a week.

▶ As we have to consult about the customized tour, the confirm will take maximum a week.

▶ You have to choose from the tours SeoulMate provide.

▶ Tour time and course can be changed.

▶ please write down available time when reserving.