Are you interested in Korean history? And Have you been to all the historical tourist attractions that are common in Korea?
Also, do you want to experience both the traditional and present Korea at the same time. 
Then we would like to invite you to Jamsil Tour : Date at Seoul, Now and Then.
As we mentioned above, we are going to experience the oldest Seoul date and the newest Seoul date! But how? 
Jamsil area has the oldest history of Seoul and the newest history of Seoul.
Jamsil was capital of Baekje, one of the oldest kingdoms of Korea and Jamsil is now newest and highest landmark of Korea. 
By this unique characteristic of Jamsil, we can experience two history of Seoul.
First, we will experience the oldest Seoul date by walking on the earthen ramparts of Baekje. 
But before we go there, we will visit museum and learn about Baekje. 
Next, we will experience modern Seoul date by walking along Seokchon Lake and Lotte World Tower which is the famous date course in Korea.
Through this tour, it will be a great way to understand controversial Korea historical issue and Baekje. 
Also, you will be able to experience real date culture of Korean couples and families! 
Moreover, it will be a great chance to see the most beautiful night view.
# Tour Course : Hanseong Baekje Museum - Earthen Ramparts - Seokchon Lake
# Meeting spot is going to be informed by the confirmation mail.
# Meeting Up is to going be informed by the confirmation mail.
# Duration: About four hours
# Fee: 10,000 won (Meal)
# Things to keep in mind
-Please wear shoes that are good for walking.