Sacrifice for the Independence, Seodaemun Prison Tour


You can see the real prison that had been built in the Japanese colonial period to house numerous patriotic martyrs who fought against Japan. The pictures displayed in the history hall show a sad history of korea as a colony of Japan in the past. Also, during the tour, we'll stop by Bongwonsa(Temple) in the Mt. An. The temple shows the essence of Korean Buddhism ; you can feel various and different religious traits in Korea simultaneously. After Bongwonsa, we'll go up to the Mt. An. Although it is not that high, you will be surprised by the great view that you can see from the top of it!

※ Since this tour course includes climbing the mountatin, tour course could be changed by the condition of the day.


# Tour Course : Seodaemun Prison - Bongwonsa - Mt. An

# Meeting spot will be informed by the confirmation mail.

# Meeting Up at : 2:00 p.m.

# Duration : Around 4 hours

# Fee : 1,500won(entrance fee of Seodaemun Prison)

   Bus fare 2,300won(we'll take a bus twice)

# Thing to keep in mind

   - Wearing shoes that are good for walking is recommended.