Korean Culture Tour - KCT Tour



Korean Culture Tour is composed of Korean(language) and Korean Culture learning time. We have different themes on each tour and you will learn abut Korean and the Culture regarding the themes. On ahead, SeoulMate members will explain you Korean and Korean Cultures related to the theme. For example, we get to learn about famous Korean foods and the Korean expressions you can use in the restaurants. And then, we are gonna do fun activities-like game or missions-outdoors, which are related to the theme. I'm sure it will be a great chance for you to get knowledge of Korean and Korea's culture. It will be very fun to share and learn about each others' different cultures! Please do join us.



# Theme : This time, KCT tour theme is Going to Korean School. So, in this tour feel as if you are Korean student and look back on your school year.

Our tour consist of 3 classes and other exciting experiences. Classes are about what you may be curious about Korean students and we prepared some exciting experiences!!

# Meeting Spot will be informed by the confirm mail.

# Meeting up at : 12: 30 , BangHak station line 1, exit 1.

# Duration : Around 4 hours.

# Fee : no fee.

# Things to keep in mind

- Tour will take place in a school, but it might be cold inside. So, be aware to have warm cloth.