War and Peace - War Memorial of Korea Tour

In this tour, you will go look around two war museums. First one is Chung mu gong museum which is about a war between ancient Japan and ancient Korea Joseon dynasty and also about a famous general, General Lee who is the one presented on the 100won coin. Second is about the Korea war between North and South Korea at 1950. These two wars are historically important in Korean history, and it will help you to understand Korea by getting knowledge about these two wars. Also, it will be a great chance to remind yourself of the value of peace.

# Tour Course : Gwangwhamoon - War Memorial Museum of Korea
# Meeting spot will be informed by the confirmation mail.
# Meeting Up at : 1:30 p.m. 
# Duration : Around 4 and a half hours
# Fee : Bus fare 1,150won
# Things to keep in mind
- Wearing shoes that are good for walking is recommended.