Gangnam is full of busy people working, shopping, and dining 24/7-the lights just never go out! Yes, it's the heart of Seoul and easily the most dynamic district the city has to offer. But..... you already know that. In this tour, SeoulMate will show you a totally different and unexpected Gangnam ; the hectic district will turn peaceful, calm, and serene in front of your eyes. Can't you believe this? Well, then join us in the tour which will take you to Seonjeongneung and Bongeunsa(Temple), each full of rich history and tranquil beauty. Seonjeongneung, the heaven for royal spirits, whispers stories from far back in history. Surrounded by tall buildings, it is a calm island that offers a quiet walk right in the middle of Gangnam. Watching the sun set from Bongeunsa temple will fill you with awe and present a sense of calmness unexpected from the busy city like Seoul.

# Tour Course : Seonjeongneung - Bongeunsa(Temple)

# Meeting spot will be informed by the confirmation mail.

# Meeting Up at : 15:00

# Duration : Around 4 hours

# Fee : 1,000 won (entrance fee of Seongjeongneung)

1,150 won (Bus or taxi fare)

# Things to keep in mind

- Wearing shoes that are good for walking is recommended.