Ihwa Village PHOTO tour - Paparazzi of the Ihwa Village

This course includes Ihwa Village and Naksan Park, which are popular among photographers - you'll see why after taking photos here yourself!

SeoulMate members with cameras will accompany you on a mission to capture hidden beauties of Ihwa Village.

There are over 20 missions you must follow to get great pictures ; a reward is waiting for the winner of the photogenic mission.


Through wandering around with SeoulMate, you will get a chance to experience all of Ihwa Village, a village full of allies, houses and encompassed by the Seoul fortress and also Daehak-개, the Korean version of Broadway.


This tour stand out among our other tours, being delivered in a unique way.

We want to have fun in Ihwa - Please do join us!


#Tour Course : Naksan Park - Ihwa Village

#Meeting Point : Subway Line 4, Hyehwa Station, Exit No.2

#Meeting Up at : 3:00pm

#Duration : Around 4 hours

#Things to keep in mind

  - Wearing shoes that are good for walking is recommended

  - Bring your camera, as it's a photo-taking tour

  - Please be careful no to cause any loud noises during the tour

                                  ; people are actually living in that area.