Korean Palaces: Beauty of Korea



<The main building of Gyeongbok Palace>


The republic of Korea is a democratic nation now, but there was a Dynasty called ‘Joseon’ in the recent past. It was ruled by Kings and royal families and sustained for about 500 years. It existed until just a century ago. For that reason, five palaces(Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace, Changgyeong Palace, Deoksu Palace and Gyeonghui Palace) from the Joseon Dynasty still remain in Seoul and became a sort of MUST-SEE of Seoul. The reason why you should visit there as a tourist is that they treasure “Korean style beauty” well. It is just like when you go to Beijing in China, you will probably want to look around the Forbidden City because it is a symbol of the city and the country. Then, what are the characteristics that can be found in the palaces?




<Way to go to a pond in Gyeongbok Palace>



The palaces of Korea have a beautiful scenery. When the palace was built, it was considered how they harmonized with the surrounding nature. Korean people didn’t transform environment and tended to respect the nature in the way it is, so they barely cut trees and water ways. You can find there are lots of natural formed trees and plants in the palaces.




<A walk in Deoksu Palace at night>




<A garden for queens in Gyeongbok Palace>

The buildings in the palaces are not high and usually one or two-stories. Moreover, they are not fancy compared to other palaces in the world. The most important virtue to Korean royal families was “SAVING”. So, instead of decorating with gold and jade, they used ‘Dancheong’ which is traditional multicolored paintwork on wooden buildings to make the buildings stronger and protect them from insect attacks.




<Dancheong to decorate the buildings>


Besides these two characteristics mentioned above, you can find another one if you visit the palaces and see them in person comparing with others from your country. We, SeoulMate, offer a tour program to Gyeongbok Palace, so if you are interested in, it would be good to join us. Also, in the fall, we go to Deoksu Palace with our participants. There will be one more tour left to there in this year, so please do not hesitate to sign up!




<Gwanghwamun, the main gate to Gyeongbok Palace>