In September, CNN Go which is a website for travelers selected Seoul as one of the ten cities selling best street food and recommended representative food of Seoul. You can usually find street food at the street stall and also you can enjoy lots of delicious food in cheap price. Though it is restricted for hygienic problem and spoiling the beauty of street, still many people love street food and new menus appear. Then, let’s find six representative street foods in Korea.




1. Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

Tteokbokki is the most famous food among Korean street food. Once you start eating it, you can’t stop eating. You don’t have to worry about its taste because Korean government chose Tteokbokki as the menu for globalization of Korean food. Its ingredients are rice cake, anchovy broth, Gochujang which is Korean red pepper paste and other spices.





The price: Around 2000~3000 won and you can taste much higher flavor and quantity

Notice: if you don’t like spicy food, it might be hard for you to try Tteokbokki. Please keep this in mind when you try it.



2. Eo-muk- tang (어묵탕)

Eo-muk is a fish cake made of mashed fish with salt and other spices. Eo-muk’s salty taste with hot soup soaking various vegetables is good friends in very cold winter in Korea. If you mind eating Eo-muk, it is recommendable drink a cup of Eo-muk soup when you eat Tteokbokki





The Price : Around 500 won for a skewer.




3. Gyeran-pang (계란빵)

Gyeran-pang means egg bread: Put an egg into the kneading and bake. Because it is very easy to make, Korean mothers sometimes make it on their own style; for example put ham or cheese. You can find it near Hongdae or Myeongdong.


The price: Around 1000won.


4. Dak-kko-chi (닭꼬치)

Dak-kko-chi is mashed and grilled chicken with vegetables like green onion, onion. It’s not that greasy because it uses Gochujang or soy sauce for seasoning. Originally it is street food but today, you can eat Dak-kko-chi as a side dish in pub.

There is a store noted for Dak-kko-chi. If you have a chance, go there and try delicious Dak-kko-chi



The price: Around 2000won

☆ 샛별당(Sat-byeol-dang): where is famous for Dak-kko-chi in An-gook-dong, Jonglo-gu. ↑


5. Homemade sausage (수제 소세지) and Ddeok-kalbi-gu-eeh (떡갈비구이)



Homemade sausage and Ddeok-kalbi-gu-eeh is literally the food putting sausage and Ddeok-kalbi-gu-eeh together.

When the host gives you skewered sausage you can season mustard sauce and ketchup as your taste. It is recommendable to share one Suje-sausage with your friend if you eat it before your meal because it may be a little bit grease and too much.


The price: Around 3000won




6. He-ori-kamja (회오리감자)

He-ori-kamja is a grilled potato snack. You can select taste like cheese flavor, bulgogi flavor and it is other joy to put cheese powder as you want. Though it is hard to eat for its length many people love it for its unique smell and crispy texture.


The price: Around 1000won



There are places where are famous for street food: Myeongdong, Hond-dae, Insadong etc. And there, you can enjoy many other delicious foods for cheap price from 1000won to 3000. Why don’t you get the chance walking along the road and taste delicious food with your friends