1. 120 Dasan Call Center

When you have difficulties travelling around, or when you have a question on direction, transportation,

weather, or anything like that, ask 120 Dasan Call Center! It is the call center that provides information of Seoul. They give the answer even for little questions. They take questions on transportaion, general life in Seoul(including the office work), and etc.

This call center also provides you simple interpretation as well, like the expression you might use when you ask for the direction, or the expression of introducing yourself.


I frequently use 120 Dasan Call Center . I ask question like "I am in Shinchon, and I'd like to go to Gyeongbok palace. How can I get there?" or "What time does Gyeongbok palace open?". They even answer a question like "I'd like to go to Kookmin University from Hongik University by taxi. How much the total fee would be?"



How to call 120 Dasan Call Center :

1. Call to 02-120

2. Press 9 (Foreign languages)

3. Press 1 (If you want English)

2 = Chinese / 3 = Japanese / 4 = Vietnamese / 5= mongolian

※ Available Time : 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

(Except for this time, you will be automatically connected to Korea tourist information center.)

※ You can also ask a question texting to 120 Dasan Call Center.

: Send a message to 02-120 (under 160 bite)



2. Korea Tourist Information Center (한국관광공사센터)

When 120 Dasan Call Center is closed, you will be connected to Korea Tourist Informtion Center.

The number itself is 02-1330. They run 24hours and provide foreign languages in English, Japanese, Chinese. You can call to 02-1330 and get the information of tour in Korea, and interpretation as well.






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