Have you ever heard of "T-shirt for traveler"?

The picture below is the one.



You point the picture you want instead of talking.

It's for the people who cannot speak any language of country they travel.



But as you are visitor of Korea, let's learn Korean of these.



1. Hostipal

If you want to go to hospital you have to ask for 병원(byeong-won).

Take taxi and ask for 병원(byeong-won).

"병원으로 가주세요.(byeong-won-eu-ro ga-jyu-se-yo)" would be nice.

It means "Take me to hospital."


2. Phone Call

In emergency situations, you might need a phone call.

When you cannot find hostel to stay or when you have to check your reservation and need a phone, ask for "전화(jeon-hwa)“.

Ask for kind korean "전화 좀 빌려주세요.(jeon-hwa joem bil-ryeo-ju-se-yo)“. which means "Can I lend your phone?"

And if you have any problems, you can call "120", anytime!

They tells you all about Seoul, and also they provide englsih service.


3. Post Office

If you want to send a postcard, you need to go to postoffice first.

Then ask for post to aboard.

Postoffice is "우체국(u-che-guk)“ in korea.


4. Airport

To get to airport, you have ask for "공항(gong-hang)“.

You have to get "공항리무진(gong-hang-limousine)“ or "공항철도(gong-hang-cheol-do)” to go to airport.

공항리무진(gong-hong-limousine) is airport limousine, and 공항철도(gong-hang-cheol-do) is airport line of subway.


5. Accomodations

To find out place to stay and sleep.

Ask for "숙박(suk-bak)“. Accommodation is what 숙박(suk-bak) means.

In includes all the sleeping points like hotel, hostel etc.

hotel and hostel pronounced same in korea, so you can just ask for that.


6. Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant, ask for "식당(sik-dang)“.

식당(sik-dang) means by restaurant and you can just ask for 레스토랑(restaurant), as it is used as well.

To find a korean restaurant ask for 한식(han-sik) which means korean food.

And to find a western restaurant ask for 양식(yang-sik) which means western food.


7. Toilet

If you are toilet emergen go to "화장실(wha-jang-sil)“.

It means toilet. Ask for the nearest 화장실(wha-jang-sil).



If you have any other Korean words to know, plz write down by comments then we will answer it.