CNN announced interesting Korean beverages. We're going to introduce some of these drink.

Some of these are traditional, the other are not traditional but so popular in Korea. You can find these beverages easily.



1.Banana flavored milk.




  Banana milk is famous for its bottle design. Its Hangari(Korean traditional jar) shape offers nostalgic value. Its soft, sweet taste is loved by people of all ages.



2.Coffee flavored milk (in a triangle shaped container)






    Coffee flavored milk is famous for its unique triangle shape.  Milk in triangle container is cheaper than a milk in a carton. If you want to drink coffee latte but don't have much money, how about drink this? :)




3.Corn silk tea




 Corn silk tea is made with the dried corn silk or with dried and roasted corn kernels. Sometimes people drink it like water because It has no calorie. This tea became popular with 'well-being' craze. It lets the swelling of face goes down, so It appeals to many women.





  Misutgaru is powder made of mixed grain. Mix this powder with water or milk or soybean milk. Sometimes we add some honey. This beverage easily gives the feeling of fullness, so it is like a meal in itself.  



5. Yulmu(Job's tears) tea


 Have you seen coffee vending machine in Korea? Then, maybe you've seen this tea once. It is very sweet and soft. When parents get coffee from the vending machine, children can't drink coffee so they usually get this Yulmu tea or cocoa. But it is also loved by people of all ages.


6.  Bacchus




 Bacchus is the famous restorative drink in Korea. Recently, many kinds of energy drink like HOT6, Monster, Red bull came out. But Bacchus is about 50 years old. When It first came out, it was touted as a hangover remedy but nowadays it is known as energy drink. 



7. Dawn 808



   Dawn 808 is hangover remedy. It tastes like oriental herbal medicine. The photo on the canister shows the confidence to the product :) People drink this before drinking alcohol, or the day after drinking alcohol.