Finally all cold atmosphere has gone! And Summer is coming.

Already people start preparations to meet summer. And also restaurants start to serve summer menu.

To fight against hot summer air, Koreans usually eat health foods. Let's find out about Korea's summer food MUST EAT.



1. Samgyetang




There is day called 'bok-nal(복날)‘. There are three 'bok-nal(복날)’ from June to July by lunar calendar. It is each called as 'cho-bok(초복)‘, ’jung-bok(중복)‘, ’mal-bok(말복)‘. In these days Koreans eat Samgyetang.

Why hot food in hot hot summer?

It's because there is a saying 'i-yeol-chi-yeol(이열치열)‘ which means 'fight heat by heat'.

And samgyetang is also famous food among foreigners as well. It was rank 5 of 'TOP 10 foods in Seoul' voted by foreign people.

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2. Naengmyeon

It is well known as 'cold noddles'. The most famous summer food of Korea! There is mul-naengmyeon and bibim-naengmyeon. Mul-naengmyeon which means water-naengmyeon is naengmyeon with cool meat broth. And bibim-naengmyeon with broth.




From left to right, mul-naengmyeon, bibim-naengmyeon.





These days a new trend has settled. You can easily find restaurants selling naengmyeon with meat. It is famous among 20s'.