If you look traffic signs carefully, you can see these have various shape.
The difference depends on the cultural area , climate and geographical fe

(I found this photos on google, so If this is not same with your country's sign, please understand :) )



1. Crosswalk traffic light



South Korea - The 'background color' is red and green.

So we usually call it 'red light and green light'.

The remaining time is marked as triangle shape. But nowadays in most area, it is also marked as number.




United States -The mark for 'stop' is not a person shape, it's hand shape.

Also, the mark for 'go' is the man with white color. Not green! It's the difference with other countries.




Berlin - The color is also green and red, but the man in traffic light wears hat. It's so cute design. 



Taiwan - It's really funny traffic light in Taibei. The green man is moving.

If the time remains just a few second, the green man's walking speed is getting faster.






2. children protection zone (School zone)




Japan - The people wearing short pants. It seems lively and cute.





United States - It's yellow-green color. The child is a girl.



Romania - It seems that the father and son is running.




India - The other country's school zone sign have two person (One adult and one child),

But In India, there is just a person in this sign. He seems really busy.




Czech Republic - The daughter goes first, then father follows the daughter.

It's the opposite of South Korea's sign.






3.The signs related to animal





There is Reindeer crossing sign in Norway.




 United Arab Emirates have the warning signs for camel.




There is sign to slow down for Penguins in New Zealand




It's warning sign for wild elephant. This sign is in Thailand.




Can you guess where this sign came from? It's a warning sign for kangaroo in Austrailia.






4. Another unique signs




This is waring sign for Quicksand in Netherlands.

It is deep, wet sand that you sink into if you try to walk on it.




This chinese character means 'slow'. This is sign for slow down in China.




Germany - In this place, people have to watch out not to be drown.




Thailand - This is signature for tsunami hazard zone.