Hanbok is Korean traditional clothes. It is in harmony with straight lines and curved lines. Hanbok has many cases by season, age, gender and so on. The style of the Hanbok have been chaning.

▲ 16th Century - The size of the Hanbok in this period was long and loose, so anyone can wear. At that time, the textile showed people's status.

▲ 17th Century - The custom clothes of Hanbok appear for the first time at the 17th century. It had practical changes that the kind of the upper garment of Korean traditional clothes was decreased and Hanbok made by a small quantity of textile because of the financial situation.

▲ 18th Century - In late 18th century, fitting clothes that exposed the body line was in fashion.

▲ 19th~20th Century - In this period, the upper garment of Korean traditional clothes was smaller and shorter than before. In the late 19th century, shortest upper garment appear.

▲ Current - These days, people usually wear Hanbok when Lunar New Year's Day, Korean thanksgiving day(Chuseok) and wedding day. The style of the modernized hanbok was changed during the 20th century, and it is changing until now.