- Sample of the certificate of alien registration.




1. For whom?

    -  who want to stay in Korea over 90 days after they enter Korea.



2. How soon you should get it done?

    -  within 90 days after you enter Korea.



3. Where?

    -  Immigration office. - There are 5 Immigtation offices in Seoul.



4. What do you need?

    - 1) passport. (If you can, you will take a copy of your passport.)

      2) application form - This is in the immigration office.

      3) photo (3.5cmX4.5cm) - 2

      4) commission charge - 10,000 won.




- application form




5. When do you get?

    - It takes about one month.




6. Tips.

    - There are always so many people who want to make the certification of alien registration.

       Also, the immigration office opens at 9 a.m

       So, If you don't want to wait so long time, you should go to the immigration office before 9 a.m and wait until the office open.

       These days, when you go to the Immigration office to make the certification of alien registration, you will wait over 3 hours.