From the third week in September to the second week in October(2011), there was a questionnaire study about 'TOP 10 foods in Seoul' through facebook and blog.




1. Samgyupsal



Samgyupsal is named because meat and fat are overlapped three times. People roast pork belly over a hot grill. Usually after covered with dust, people eat Samgupsal.




2. Kimchi(stew, pancake and so on)







Kimchi is Korean traditional fermented food. It can be used for various foods such as Kimchi stew and Kimchi pancake. Also Kimchi has different favor depending on the area.




3. Tteokbokki






Tteokbokki is the rice cake in hot sauce. It is typical street food loved by lots of people.



4. Bibimbap





Bibimbap is the food that mixed with various food, rice and red pepper paste.



5. Samgyetang






Samgyetang is Korean traditional chicken soup with ginseng and other ingredients. It is health food, so people eat Samgyetang to build up health by taking tonics when one of the three dog days.




6. Korean rib





Korean rib is Korean traditional food that roasted over a hot grill. Steamed dish also eat usually.




7. Naengmyeon




Naengmyeon is Korean cold noodles. There are two types of Naengmyeon. Choosing one thing is as difficult as choosing one thing between seasoned spicy chicken and fried chicken.





8. Bossam




Bossam is boiled pork and people eat Bossam and Kimchi together. Contrastively cabbage and radish Kimchi for bossam is not spicy, so people who couldn't eat spicy food can enjoy.





9. Korean pork rib

It is similar with 6th Korean rib.




10. Gimbap




Gimbap is the food that rolled over laver with various ingredients.

Besides, Gamja tang, Dotorimuk(acorn jello ) and cold bean-soup noodles are answered.