Recently, we asked foreign friends who took part in the ‘Dear SeoulMate,’ event about where they are living for sending a gift. They, staying in Korea, gave us their address of the English expression. However we had to change that in Korean, because we planned to send a gift through Korean online shopping mall. While changing that to Korean, we felt it was really hard and confusing.


So, we are going to explain how to write Korean address for foreigners






Many countries' addresses start with a person's name, then the street address, their city, state and zip code.

Wherease, in Korea, it's the reverse. You should write the city first. The address starts from the larger entities like the city or the state.







Korean address in the English way looked like this:






Hyun Dai Apartment 101Dong

700-5 Bunji

Junggye-dong , Nowongu

Seoul , SOUTH KOREA 616-123







However, If it will be written in a Korean way, it is like the following:








Seoul Nowongu Junggye-dong 700-5 Bunji Hyun Dai Apartment 101Dong

서울특별시 노원구 중계동 700-5번지 현대아파트 101


As you can see, the city is first, then the area which is called a “Gu” follows. “Gu” is a administrative district of a city. (There are many administrative districts. in order of the larger entities, Teukbyulsi 특별시, Gwangyeoksi 광역시 ·Do · Si ·Gune·Gu·Eup · Myeon· Dong· Li ) The “Dong” is next. “bunji” 번지 like a street address which equates to the “lot” or “street” number follows.






We hope this simple explanation will be helpful for you to write the correct Korean address.