Have you ever heard about 'Gimjang'?

Most of you guys know that Kimchi is essential side dish at every meal in Korea.

And, in old times, it was hard to get fresh vegetables in winter.

So, in November, beginning of the winter, Korean traditionally get together to make enough Kimchi for all winter period.




It is called 'Gimjang' and people considered it as a major annual event.

Considering the number of cabbage,main ingredient of Kimchi, and the amount of preparation for Gimjang, it is not a work for 1-2 persons. So close relatives and neighbor housewives pitch in and worked together. The task usually last all day for 2-3 days. So the hostess treat all person to a big lunch include 보쌈[Bossam] which is eating boiled pork with sauce and wrapped in green everyday.




All this is our traditional custom. Isn't it interesting?




In addition to, way of keeping Kimchi is unique. For the best result, Kimchi is preserved in the Kimchi jars. And buried it up to the neck level of the jar to prevent the Kimchi from freezing.

It is the best way to ferment Kimchi and preserve the taste of it.

Due to changes in lifestyle and housing types, the custom of Gimjang has grown less

important. These days, city people use Kimchi fridge rather than Kimchi jars.




Recently, we had a special tour of Kimchi.

At first, we talked everything about Kimchi. From history of Kimchi to way of making it.

Some activities like quiz game and video clips help participants to understand.

In addition to, we moved to the Kimchi museum in Coex.

There, with that learned at study cafe, we had some fun activities. "Take a photo as same Kimchi in the picture" , "Try it and guess what kind of kimchi with your eyes closed" All of them participated actively in that mission.




How about trying Kimchi for dinner today?

It is really awesome I can't live without Kimchi!!!