It’s quite warm at this time of year in Korea, and it is said to announce the beginning of spring. If you feel spring fever, SeoulMate recommends you to TOP5 spring foods that shake off your drowsiness.


1, Mugwort

: Mugwort is good for curing woman’s disease. Also, it has effect on improving physical constitution and burning fat, so it is helpful to the person who often feel cold and who want to lose weight.




2. Strawberry

: There are a lot of strawberries everywhere in this season. It means strawberry is spring’s representative food. It has antioxidative activity, so it is known to effective in suppressing the progress of cancer cells.



3. Hanrabong

: Hanrabong is a kind of dekopon, ponkan mandarin with large in size and sweet taste. And it has a lot of the fatigue recuperative factor, Vitamin C, also it is and it is effective in defensing the cold.


4. Webfoot octopus

: Webfoot octopus is also called short arm octopus. It is one of the nutritious spring foods and is good for overcoming fatigue.




5. Manila clam

: Have you ever eat a Manila clam Kal-guk-su in Korea? Manila clam is usually used for making some stock(soup). Because it contains a lot of iron, and it is helpful for preventing anemia.