Few days ago, the first snow fell in South Korea. Though it didn’t snow hard, the people who love and welcome the cold season walked down the street with fluttering hearts. However, for Korean guys, snow is not a pleasant existence at all because of the memory from their military service. It is compulsory for them to attend the military service.

Most of troops in South Korea are held nearby the mountain area where lots of snow falls. As long as their troop is not in the southern area such as Jeolla-do, Gyeongsang-do and Jeju-do where only little snows falls, they have to keep swinging shovels again and again while the white devilish powder keeps falling down from the sky, which deosn’t allow them to take a rest. That’s why the guys are not really welcoming the snow. It recalls a kind of the troublesome memory they had in the army.




Why South Korean has to do their military service? It is because that Korea is the only divided country. The Korean War ended in a cease-fir in 1953 which means nobody know when the war break out again, so it is incumbent upon Korean men to join the military service. Every Korean man who is over 18 has to serve in the military for about 2 years.


 At 18, they just graduate from their high school, so there are only a few guys who go to military service during that age. Most of them go at age 21 or 23. They have to devote their youthfulness to the country for 2 years that is the period for the service in average. After enjoying a year or two of the university life, they have to face the reality to serve the army! How miserable it is!


However, those who accept the reality could earned returns from the grim actualities like the blessing you get from some hardships... They would be able to lead their life in a more composed way in the future, looking from theirselves before and after the military service. Do you guys know the singer who've been famous over the world, PSY? He has a little difference compared to other korean guys. This is something very rare, but he has been served twice in the military. After he went though it, he put his name on the billboard chart. You can’t imagine how many strength a guy could get after doing his military service. ( This is just a joke:) )




Though it's a miserable reality, experience they go through can be a good memory for them after the military service. (maybe it can also be counted as a fortune for them... maybe... :-P) The problem on the military service is sensitive and if it has to be posted here, it would be very long and even never end. If you guys have a curiosity about the military service in South Korea from the foreigner's point of view, please leave a comment. Since the men in SeoulMate have all completed their military service, I believe that they can do their best to answer all of questions accurately. That's it. Well, I'll cut this short for now.