[Why there are so many Korea national flags on 15th, August?]


Hi! SeoulMate members?_?, It’s Minhee!

Today, it’s the very first day to upload “history posting part”,

and from now on, our Contents team are going to give you a brief information about Korean history!  


Are you ready for the first time?

Ok, let’s start it!


First of all, I’d like to begin with one question!

Do you remember the holiday we had on 15th, August?

,and what did you do that day?

Just had a great time with your friends? not thinking about what the day means for us?


Sadly, even many Koreans think of that day as just one of the holidays

,however we should remember how important and valuable that day is.  



May be, you saw Korea national flags, Taegeukgi, in front of houses or apartments.

The reason we put up a national flag is to show appreciation for patriots and not to forget their sacrifice!

So, it could be a symbol of expressing nationalism and patriotism.



By now, all of you guessed the special day, 15th August, right?

Yes! It is National Liberation Day of Korea!

When explaining it in Chinese character, (Kwang) means gloss and (Bok) means recovering our national right.

Therefore, Kwang Bok day(Korea National Liberation Day) is the day that we got our nationality back!  


So, what problem with us?

I’m not sure if you know what happen to us in the past,

but Korea was colonized by Japan for 35years from1910 to 1945.



With the imperialism and militarism, Japan occupied our country and forced us to accept colonial ruling.

And of course, our patriots fought and struggled against Japanese imperialism.

After that duration, Japan, Germany, and Italy comprised the Axis Powers and started the Second World War, and it took a toll on many people.


(As the world war 2 was finished, It has same date of Independence day with Korea and India.)

However, after the Allied forced defeated Japan on 15th August 1945, this terrible war finally ended up.

And as a result, we separated from Japan and became independent.




 I hope you know how meaningful it is!

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