Many of you know that all male citizens of the Republic of Korea are required to serve in the military.

So there are their many cultures like foods and order of rank and so on.

Thesedays Korea TV programs are handling Korea military.

As a result, many of Koreans are interested in Korea military's foods.

So today, I will introduce the Korea military's special foods.



1. 군대리아 (Gun-dae-ri-a)




'군대리아' is like a hamburger. However it's different from a common burger.

In military, they serve the ingredients, for example, bread , cheese, strawberry jam, hamburger patty, cream soup and some mayo salad. It's somehow different  among troops.

But this is specially served food, so in military they can eat twice a week.




2. 건플레이크 (Gun-Flake)




You know cereals that you can eat conveniently.

In military there is a '건플레이크', similar to cereals.

It is made up '건빵'(hardtack), millk and some star shaped candies.

First, crash the hardtack and candies, next pour into the milk.

And then, wait 3 minutes. Finally just eat it.

You can feel that food is like a sponge cake with sweat milk.




3. 뽀글이 (Pbo-gle-iee)




Do you know Korea instant ramen?

Common way to make instant ramen is to put it in boiled water.

But, there is a very simple way to eating ramen.

First, crash the noodle and open the plastic bag of ramen.

Next, put the seasoning powder and pour the boiled water and seal the instant ramen.

Finally, just wait 3 minutes and eat!



These are popular Korea military foods.

It's easy to make it, so how about trying some?