Some of you who read this article may havereligion. It might be a Christian or Buddhism and so on. So you guys have heardabout Buddhism. In the past Buddhism was the main religion around Asia andKorea was no exception.


Like Christmas, there is holiday when wecelebrate birth of Buddha. So we can call it 석가탄신일(Suk-Ga-Tan-Sin-Il)or 부처님 오신 날(Bu-Cheo-Nim O-Sin Nal) which means literallythe day of Buddha’s coming in Korea. In addition this holiday has an importantmeaning that Buddha gave hope and bright future to mankind.


This year, the holiday is 17th of May andthere are lots of events will be held for few days before holiday. Among these,lotus lantern festival is remarkable event that you must see and enjoy. 


If you have joined our tours, you guys might have heard Bong-Eun-Sa temple where located near SamSung subway station. For an annual affair, they hold great lotus lantern festival from third of May to17th of May. If there are many people who wants to enjoy this buddism holiday, just try to visit there!