Today, we will gonna talking about Korea's Food Trend!


First thing is Spicy Food!





These days, Lots of spicy food, like hot ramyen, hot tteokbokki (Korean stir-fried rice cake), is popular in Korea. Korean make spicy taste with chili pepper, and nowadays using capsaicin.

There are also mania of hot taste.

 They love it because spicy food release stress and they said it have addiction.

But delicious spicy food also have downside too.

If you eat lots of spicy food, your stomack can be harm. So, some restaurants make spicy food with cheese.





When we eat spicy food with Mozzarella Cheese, spicy taste is feeling lesser, and have more good taste.

Mozzarella Cheese is chewy and nutty, so most of korean like it.

If you are not good at spicy, try it with cheese!


We have also well-suited drink too!




New type of Soju (Korean alcohol) is released! It is fruite flavor soju!

Alcohol company released Citron, peach, grapefruit and so on flavor soju.

It's taste is sweet and low alcohol proof makes fruit soju be popular.

If you don't like high alcohol proof, fruit soju will be great choice!



I I introduce about Koreand Food Trend!

Do  you want to try it?

Then, Visit Korea!

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