Koreans observe a lot of holidays. Among most of holidays, Korean especially observe New Year's Day in the lunar calendar. Because New Year's Day in the lunar calendar gives important meaning to Korean. So this time we will look into what New Year's Day in the lunar calendar means.




Last weekend was New Year's Day in the lunar calendar. Do you know what Koreans eat in New Year's Day? Representative food is tteokguk. Tteokguk is a rice-cake soup. Have you ever eaten tteokguk before? And do you know if you eat tteokguk, you grow one year older? There is an interesting story.







First of all, Before telling the tteokguk, I'll introduce about Korea nation's feature shortly.

Korea nation called white nation. They liked white color from old times.

White color represents nature and it means honesty, start and longevity.

Tteokguk is made by bar rice cake which color is white, so eating tteokguk symbolizes forgetting bad things in the last year and spending reward-time in new year. Therefore, "Eating tteokguk is growing one year older" means that reflects on oneself in the last year and being a more mature person.







If you didn't eat tteokguk, how about eating right now?

You can grow one year older. And do not fool. Even though you eat two meals, you do not grow two years older.

May the hopes of the New Year come to pass!