Hi, SeoulMate!
we did hands-on survey about what is your best items in Korea. 
We went to Seoul station, Myeong-dong with foot-foreigner-traffic.
we met various foreigner there, and also conducted a survey on most popular items in Korea.

What is your best items in Korea?

We prepared six options.

• Alcohols
• Cosmetic products
• Electric rice cooker
• Laver
• Oreo cereal
• Etc.

We showed this options foreigners
and let them stick on their one of option they thought. 

At first, we conducted to survey at the Lotte Mart nearby Seoul Station. 
Jaeyoung, Sojeong started off very well!

He was a big support to me.because he was active.
We was excused in advance and take photos because they don't like take a picture without permission.
Foreigners was kind enough to respond to the survey. 

foreigner who meet at the in-station speak Korean very well. It was amazing.

Next , We went to 명동. We started the survey on the 명동 street.
Their cosmetics many choices in 명동
Because there are a lot of cosmetics store.

Survey result

• Alcohols - 18
• Cosmetic products - 26
• Electric rice cooker - 2
• Laver - 10
• Oreo cereal - 4
• Etc. - 4

total of 64 foreigners.
There was respond to the survey.

survey about what is your best items in korea
1st- Cosmetic products
2st- Alcohols
3st- Laver
4st- Oreo cereal , Etc
5st- Electric rice cooker

Thank you for participate in the survey
And member of SeoulMate thank you ~^^