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english Simon : Greetings! I would love to ask if there are any possible tours during 20-28th January? I will be in Seoul during these dates and would love to meet up with normal and funny korean people like you are. [1] 20.01.03 Update Delete
Hi Simon! This is seoulmate. First of all, welcome to Korea :) Unfortunately, there is no regular tour because this period(24-27) is Korean New Year's Day. But you can sign up customized tour by filling out reservation form(It can be held only if there are enough members who are available). Thank you! 20.01.06 : JINO
english Ade : Hi, is there any tour on first week of January? [1] 20.01.01 Update Delete
Hi Ade! This is seoulmate. I'm sorry to say that, we don' have tours for this week. That's because our workshop is planned this week. Thank you for your interest :) 20.01.03 : JINO
english Andy : Hi!! Would you be so kind and let m know when are you going to post the January 2020 schedule? I'm expecting to take a tour :3 ^^ [1] 19.12.24 Update Delete
Hi Andy! This is seoulmate :) Maybe it will be posted after the 28th. Thank you for your interest! Have a nice day :) 19.12.25 : JINO
english Peter : Photography- anyone who want to guide me to Noryanjin fish market? [1] 19.11.09 Update Delete
Hi Peter! This is seoulmate:). We don't have a tour about Noryanjin, so if you want, you should sign up the customized tour. Thank you! 19.11.14 : JINO
english Ronne : Hi. Is there any tour on 30th Nov? Thanks [1] 19.11.03
Hi Ronne! This is seoulmate. We have a regular tour in Saturday usually. But 30th Nov schedule isn't set now. Maybe it will be set about two weeks later. So please check it again later. Thank you! 19.11.05 : JINO
english Syale : When might the tours for october be posted? [1] 19.09.29 Update Delete
Hi Syale! This is seoulmate. You can check this information in Reservation. Thank you :) 19.10.06 : JINO
english elisa : hi i arrive at seoul on september 28th at the airport around 2pm, i am interested in your tour "Shining Lights - Namsan Tour"at what time it starts in the evening. Do you think I'll have time to join you? tks [1] 19.09.15 Update Delete
Hi Elisa! This is seoulmate :) I can't answer exactly, but our tour leader may consider your situation so I recommend that you fill out reservation form. Thanks :) 19.09.18 : JINO
english Has : Is there yours for October 2 till 10th of October where r they listed? [1] 19.08.30
Sorry, I can't understand what you say. If you question to me more specific, I can answer for your question exactly :) 19.09.07 : JINO
english Vel : hi, I reserved a customized tour on the 18th of July for Jongmyo Shrine and Gwangjang Market, but i haven't got an email for confirmation. Can anybody from Seoulmate help me with this? [1] 19.07.10 Update Delete
Hi, Vel. This is Seoulmate. We will send you confirmation mail as soon as possible. Thanks!! :) 19.07.14 : LeeSongyeon
english Nina : Namsan Tour, 9th July (customized): hey I still don‘t have an email with information if the tour will be held or not. It would be very nice of you could tell me so I can plan my trip :) [1] 19.07.06 Update Delete
Hi, Nina. This is Seoulmate. We send you confirmation mail, so plz check it one more time :) Thanks!! 19.07.07 : LeeSongyeon
english Qazi : Hi, I am visiting Seoul for 3 nights from 7th of July to 10th of July. Can I have a guide tour on 8th or 9th of July ? [1] 19.06.30 Update Delete
Hi, Qazi. This is Seoulmate! Please visit our homepage ( and fill out the reservation form. We will send you a confirmation mail if the tour can be held. Please keep in mind that the customized tour can be held only if there are enough Seoulmate members who are available. Thanks! 19.06.30 : LeeSongyeon
english Nina : hey, I didn't get a confirmation mail for my tours on 9th and 10th July for the Namsan Tour and the Seochon Tour. Please check it, since it's a customized tour and I would really like to experience it :) [1] 19.06.29 Update Delete
Hi, Nina. This is Seoulmate. We will send you a confirmation mail for July 9th soon. But we have official conference on every Wednesday, we can’t offer tour on July 10th. Thanks! 19.06.30 : LeeSongyeon
english Jenny : Hello, Are there specific times of the tours? I would like to know what the schedule is of the tours on Saturday. Hope to hear from you, thanks! Kind regards, Jenny [1] 19.06.27 Update Delete
Hi, Jenny. This is Seoulmate! We have 3 tours on this Saturday. Namsan tour at 5:30 p.m., Ichon tour at 1:30 p.m. and Jamsil tour at 5:30 p.m. Thanks :) 19.06.28 : LeeSongyeon
english Larry : We are 7 people who will be arriving at Incheon on a cruise ship at 0900 on Thursday October 24, 2019. We have to be back on board at 18:00 on that day. Can we schedule in advance a custom tour for the entire day? [1] 19.06.22
Hi, Larry. This is Seoulmate! I think it is better to request a customized tour later because we notify members 3 weeks before the date. It is because if we notify too early, we don’t know upcoming schedule so it is difficult to accommodate members. Thanks!:) 19.06.24 : LeeSongyeon
english Angela Parisi : I still do not have meeting time and location for tomorrow's tour. HELP!!! 19.06.14 Update Delete
english Angela Parisi : Tour confirmation for back to the past tour june 15. I would like to know what time and where the meeting place is. Thank you [1] 19.06.13 Update Delete
Hi, Angela. This is Seoulmate! I’ll check it and send you confirmation mail as soon as possible..! Thanks :) 19.06.13 : LeeSongyeon
english Angela Parisi : I have not received tour confirmation for me and my son for this Sat, June 15 tour yet. Where is the meeting point? 19.06.13 Update Delete
english Angela Parisi : Tour confirmation 19.06.13 Update Delete
english Andrew : Baseball Tour 8th June - worried that we have not received email confirmation [1] 19.06.06 Update Delete
Hi, Andrew. This is Seoulmate! Sorry for late.. We will send you confirmation mail as soon as possible! Thanks :) 19.06.06 : LeeSongyeon
english Andrew : Hi, my son Alex and i have booked the baseball game tour on 8th june, can we both have our confirmation emails please, thanks 19.06.05 Update Delete