Many people travel by rails. So I would like to introduce a few special trains that you can take in Korea. 2 special trains and 2 special train stations. These are what I would like to recommend.

1. Ba-da-yeol-cha[바다열차]




'Ba-da-yeol-cha' means sea train. 'Ba-da' means sea, and 'yeol-cha' means train. This is the train that goes from Gangleung[강릉] to Samcheok[삼척]. It goes along the coastline. You can see the sights of sea. It is one of the best way to enjoy the sea sight.



'Ba-da-yeol-cha' is not just famous for going along the coastline. It is also famous for its seats. Its seats face windows, so that you don't have to turn your head to see the sea.

Only 3 trains run each day and the famous one is the first train runs at 7:10am from Gangleung[강릉]. Because if you take this train specially on winter, you can enjoy the sunrise as well. You must reserve it early or you won't be able to get a ticket.





Another special thing about this 'ba-da-yeol-cha' is that there are rooms for propose.

You can have a nice time with your sweetheart.


2. Hwan-sang-seon-nun-ggoch-yeol-cha[환상선눈꽃열차]



We usually call 'hwan-sang-seon-nun-ggoch-yeol-cha' just 'nun-ggoch-yeol-cha'. 'Nun-ggoch' means snow flakes.

In winter, snow flakes of Taebaek[태백] is really nice. So this 'nun-ggoch-yeol-cha' only runs in winter season. You can take it next year in Jan to Feb. 'Nun-ggoch-yeol-cha' runs from Seoul, Busan and Daegu to Taebaek.




Usually people go and return in one day. A day's trip. Some go for hiking the Mt. Taebaek, and others for enjoying the festival. Mt. Taebeak Snow Festival is held from January to February. There are snow statues and lots of interesting programs for visitors.

1. Gyeong-hwa Station[경화역]



From late March to April, cherry blossoms are in season. Jin-hae[진해] is the most famous place to enjoy cherry blossoms. And gyeong-hwa statino[경화역] is also famous for cherry blossoms as wel




Near the station, there are lots of spots where you can enjoy the beautiful sites. And also in there, 'Jin-hae-gun-hang-je[진해군항제]' is held. It is the festival of cherry blossoms. And during the festival period you can visit the Naval Academy. Cherry blossoms of the Naval Academy is also famous.





In 2013, 'jin-hae-gun-hang-je[진해군항제]' starts on April 1st and is held for 10 days. Anyone wants to enjoy the cherry blossoms is welcome.

2. Buk-cheon Station[북천역]






It is at 'ha-dong[하동]'. Famous during cosmos(Mexican Aster) period. Both sides of railroad are full of cosmos. So buk-cheon station[북천역] some times called as cosmos station. There are cosmos-buckwheat festival from late September to October. You can enjoy the cosmos and some rare gourds and taste food made of buckwheats.