Let's sweep on the bazar! - Market Tour

The Market Tour course is divided into two: the first market to visit is Pungmul Market,

which is a flea market where you can see all different kinds of Korean antiques.

Participants joining Market Tour will take part in fun games of our making, such as finding antique items and guessing what those are for. After visiting Pungmul Market, we will also visit Gwangjang Market, where you can have Korean traditional food and see how Korean traditional markets look like. This is the best chance to learn about Korean traditional items and markets. Don't miss a chance for these hands-on experiences!


# Each SeoulMate member will be paired with one international friend, since the market is usually so crowded. So, the number of participants of this tour is likely to be limited.


# Tour Course: Gwangjang market - Pungmul market

# Meeting spot is to be informed by the confirmation mail.

# Meeting Up is to be informed by the confirmation mail.

# Duration: Around 4 hours

# Things to keep in mind

- Comfortable shoes for long-distance walking are recommended

- We can have snacks in Gangjang Market. Please prepare some money for your snacks.

#More information: http://www.seoul-mate.com/xe/eng_tour/5154