What is Korean traditional Wedding?



Before letting you guys know about traditional wedding, there are some important things that you have to know!

Yin and Yang

This is meaning of “Yin and Yang (negativeand positive)” in wedding. Marriage means sacred union between Yin and Yang :Yin is meaning of Dark and women, Yang means Brightness and men.







We used a couple of wooden goose that represents groom and bride. Also wooden goose symbolizes few values that husband and wife should observe during married life.

Goose marry only once. They never marry again even if their spouse die.

Goose comply order and rank. When they fly together,they keep formation well.

Goose has nature that they want to leave offspring. Itshows that people have to leave their offspring when we pass away.



Hen and rooster are on or under the wedding table. And which is related to symbol of chicken and morning. As rooster crows, it means start of a day and driving out an evil spirit. In addition, we pray for the fecundity through Hen.




Korean traditional wedding consists of 4 parts which have specific meaning(Eui-hon, Nab-chae, Nap-pae, Chin-young) .





First, Eui-hon [의혼]

It is a procedure that groom’s family and bride’s family discuss about wedding. Usually, it works by sending proposal letter from groom to bride. At this time, groom and bride might not know each other.

Nab-chae [납채] &Nap-pae[납폐]

It is that sending box containing list of wedding stuff that bride has to prepare and marriage letter. In addition marriage letter is really important to bride. Because it is meaning of serving but a single husband.


It is traditionally held bride’s house and also means this couple takes his first step to bride’s house for wedding.


This is giving a wooden couple of goose to the mother of the bride. And which is symbol of wedding vows that groom and bride grow old together.


This is greeting that groom and bride bow each other upon their first meeting. Bride bows twice and groom bows once as a reply, and this bowing ritual is repeated twice.



Hapgeonrye is drinking traditional alcohol each other with gourd dipper which is called Geonbaerye(근배례). Gourd dipper is symbol that it is divided by two pieces but become one again. Therefore it represents that the man and woman are now united into one.



Originally the wedding day after tomorrow, bride has to greet to groom’s parent, which called Pye-back. When they do this, groom’smother throw jujube and chestnut to bride’s skirt. Jujube and chestnut are fecundity and these are higher than any other plant. Also it has a meaning to give their offspring wealth and honor.