Do you know about Korean tea? Many Koreans like different Korean tea according to the season. Usually in summer people drink Asian apricot tea(maesilcha) a lot and in autumn mostly drink chrysanthemum tea. In winter primarily people drink ginger tea, quince tea, citron tea and jujube tea.






Asian apricot tea is specially good at quenching thirst. Drinking Asian apricot tea is an effective way to prevent food poisoning and to cure a stomachache. But If you drink a lot of Asian apricot tea, it will damage your teeth because of its strong acidity. So drinking Asian apricot tea everyday is not recommended.







Chrysanthemum tea is effective in preventing aging skin and improving blood circulation.





Ginger is usually used to make medicine. It helps to give an appetite and digest. When you have a fever, a headache and a bad cough because of the cold, ginger tea is good medicine. Drinking ginger tea helps the people who have a cold throw into a sweat and gets better phlegm. It's good to drink by mixing ginger tea and honey together.




Quince tea has sweet scent but also has astringent taste. So It is used instead of a air freshener. Drinking quince tea is an effective way to prevent a cold.




Citron tea has lots of effectiveness. Drinking citron tea is effective in improving blood circulation. And it makes capillary strong. Citron tea has 2 times vitamin C comparing to the persimmon, 3 times comparing to the lemon, 10times comparing to the banana.





Jujube tea also has diversity effect. It is good for cold hands and feet. And it is effective in improving liver function.




There are some snacks that taste good with Korean tea. The picture above is quince tea, citron tea, yakgwa(cookies made with flour) and roast bar rice cake.






Besides, gyeongdan(rice ball cake), Korean traditional sweets and cookies also go well with Korean tea.




There are beautiful traditional teacups very becoming to Korean tea.



If you go to Insa-dong, you can drink Korean tea which is bottled in tradiional teacups and taste Korean snacks.